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   Chapter 9 9. The Golden Lives of the Wang Siblings

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9. The Golden Lives of the Wang Siblings

"Xhilie!" Madam Wang said strictly, "Fix your posture." Wang Xhilie straightened her already-straight back and continued eating at the dining table. Madam Wang tsked disappointingly as she turns around and greets Wang Jinfeng with a smile. He didn't pay attention and continued eating his food with a blank expression on his face.

Currently, all four family members were eating as a family, but the thick atmosphere felt suffocating as though they were strangers. Nobody bothered to start a conversation nor did they know how to start a conversation. They didn't know each other. They were truly strangers in the sense of care. Wang Head didn't bother with his children that he deemed as failure and neither did Madam Wang. She didn't dislike her son that she referred to as useless, she favored him, but his new behavior she did not know how to react to. He was so different that she didn't even know how to read his expressions.

Her son used to be an open-book. Now, he rarely smiled for anyone except for Wang Xhilie. Her husband had noticed this as well.

Her son, that used to have droopy and ignorant eyes, now was a gorgeous young man with a sharp mind and personality. His eyes reflected nothing but the fear of the people that disrespected him. He has bloomed into such a handsome man in the past six months that she couldn't help but sigh. She wanted a daughter-in-law soon and all her hopes fell to Kim Moonhae, the adoptive daughter of the Valmonte family.

Even though she didn't like the fact that the girl held no Valmonte blood in her, she couldn't be greedy as she desired grandchildren as soon as possible.

Her son used to be a player, but ever since his accident, he had transformed into a handsome businessman that desired business opportunities more than women. Madam Wang was happy as she didn't want any gold-digger to get impregnated by her stud son. Despite


"Xiao Lie, if you ever need anything, I'm here for you."

Wang Xhilie grinned mischievously, "Thank you! You'll be my manservant now!" She said playfully and ordered, "Then your first task is to get me some cotton candy."

Wang Jinfeng's handsome features twisted into amusement, "How do you expect me to get you cotton candy in a park?"

Wang Xhilie grinned, "That's for you to find out!" Teasingly, she pushed her brother in the direction of the car that brought them to the park.

"Are you sure? Do you want to come with me?" Wang Jinfeng asked worriedly.

Wang Xhilie shook her head and rolled her eyes, "No worries! There are always bodyguards around, you know."

Wang Jinfeng nodded and turned towards his car, driving away a few minutes later. He promised her that he'd only take a little bit to find her the cotton candy that she wanted.

Once he left, Wang Xhilie sighed. She walked towards a bench and sat down, trying to collect her thoughts. She was barely back and her parents started again.

For the famous young miss of the Wang family to choose fashion designing, she was considered a disgrace.

Wang Xhilie felt her cheek wet due to sudden, subconscious tears. She quickly wiped them away and stood up, bumping into a woman in the process.


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