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   Chapter 8 8. His Model Chef

The Ultimate Heartbreak of Chef Zheng Mimi By silentscarlettt Characters: 5143

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8. His Model Chef

Silence engulfed the restaurant when Zheng Mimi said her last words. Wu Yixing didn't know how to respond to the beauty that wanted a job in his old restaurant that would most likely close down soon due to the insistent and constant reminders of the land owner. Although Wu Yixing possessed a paper that showed his ownership of the restaurant, but unless he bought the land itself, then there was still a possibility of being shut down.

And since he couldn't pay the rent most of the time, the land lord had definitely threatened to kick him out of the land.

With a dry mouth, Wu Yixing softly asked, "Why?" His eyes flickered to the small piece of paper in her hand and sighed. That one small advertisement he had saved up for, only for the newspaper to discard it and tell him they couldn't publish it, was actually published and in this strange woman's hands. Wu Yixing assumed the publishers had published out of pity, or they must've accidentally published it in the newspaper without realizing.

He repeated his question after clearing his throat, "Why would you in this restaurant?"

Zheng Mimi opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by Wu Yixing as he continued, "This disaster of a restaurant, why would such a beauty like yourself want to waste time here?"

Zheng Mimi's eyes filled with tears, "Please, I'm desperate. No other place would be willing to hire me since I've got a bad reputation for not sticking to my responsibilities."

Wu Yixing furrowed his brows, "What do you mean?"


u Yixing was stunned and kept silent.

Even though her experience as Yu Zhenzhen was a disaster, there was one benefit the vengeful ghost brought her: her newfound looks. According to Yu Zhenzhen, she was designed to be perfect. And since she had unwillingly performed what the ghost wanted, she had gifted Zheng Mimi her appearance. Or at least a combination of their appearance. And Zheng Mimi was going to take full advantage of that and earn herself a few bucks.

"Are you sure?" Wu Yixing asked hesitantly. Taking advantage of her appearance seemed a bit excessive, even with her permission.

Zheng Mimi nodded with her now-swollen eyes. "Absolutely! That is... if only you hire me?"

Wu Yixing sighed. He hoped he didn't come to regret the decision of hiring this young and talented chef to be his restaurant's model and chef. But deep in his heart, he felt like her being hired would bring good and a change to the restaurant.

Wu Yixing just hoped his second intuition was correct, not his first one.


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