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   Chapter 6 6. The Return of Wang Xhilie

The Ultimate Heartbreak of Chef Zheng Mimi By silentscarlettt Characters: 7142

Updated: 2018-05-15 19:42

6. The Return of Wang Xhilie

*Six months later*

"Come on, Mimi, you're so close!" Rilianne White encouraged with eyes twinkling with excitement. Zheng Mimi took a deep breath and stood up, surprisingly not stumbling and falling down like before. She took a deep breath and took one step, which escalated to two steps, then three, then she was running around the room with tears in her eyes. "At last!" She exclaimed with joy, "At last, I can use my legs! Six agonizing months later, I can walk and run... thank you, Rilianne! I'm so very grateful!"

Rilianne White chuckled and hugged her friend with happy tears in her eyes, "Indeed; six agonizing months later... I'm glad I was able to help!" Zheng Mimi's joyful mood suddenly faltered and a tear escaped her eye, "But now... now what?"

"I think you're going to need to find a job." Rilianne White said.

"I'm pretty sure that no restaurant wants to hire someone with such a reputation." Zheng Mimi sarcastically noted. Her dull, cold behavior made Rilianne White chuckle. "But either way, I'm also grateful for the hospital's program you were talking about, " Zheng Mimi added. "There is no way my family could afford more debt."

Rilianne White laughed nervously and nodded her head, "Yeah! Special patients with special circumstances..." Zheng Mimi opened her mouth to reply but paused when she noticed a small advertisement on the daily newspaper that was lying on a table, discarded and ignored.



Please go to X Area, Grand XX Plaza No. 01 XXX Street, Pudong District, Shanghai 200010 China on May XX, 20XX if interested.

"Rilianne!" Zheng Mimi exclaimed in shock and happiness, "Look!" Rilianne White turned her head and stared in the direction of where Zheng Mimi was looking at and smiled, "See! Already you seem to have found a way on the first day."

Zheng Mimi nodded and sighed, "That is if only I could get the job."

Rilianne White shook her head and waved off her friend's worry, "Based on how small the advertisement is, I'm guessing it's a small restaurant that has just begun, hence why you don

rom his father, his sister suffered the same ordeal from his mother.

Wang Xhilie was never considered enough, according to their mother. Wang Jinfeng shook his head at his mother's stupidity as he stared at his sister who just came back from studying fashion designing. He had already seen a few of her designs and he was amazed. Her ideas were so fresh and original; a combination of history and modern fashion. If his father didn't fund Wang Xhilie's fashion boutique, Wang Jinfeng would be more than happy to help with his newfound, independent fortune.

"Come one, " he urged as he wrapped his arm around her small frame, "Come on, let's go. I'm sure you're exhausted after the long flight." She nodded and they both headed in the direction of his car, not noticing the constant clicks and flashes of the camera. The next day, the headlines irritated Wang Jinfeng to no ends, but he decided it was for the best. After all, once his sister became a popular fashion designer and exposed herself to the Internet, many would make the connection that she was the young miss of the Wang family in China. It was quite humorous to see the publishing companies of the ridiculous articles suffer plenty of losses. And this helped Wang Jinfeng keep any annoying flies away from him. But at that moment, Wang Jinfeng didn't realize how much he would end up regretting this decision, especially when he meets a certain person...

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