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   Chapter 3 3. Parental Reunion

The Ultimate Heartbreak of Chef Zheng Mimi By silentscarlettt Characters: 7079

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3. Parental Reunion

"Take it easy!" Rilianne White urged, "You shouldn't be in a rush since you just woke up." Zheng Mimi opened her dry mouth and coughed. Rilianne White quickly helped her with drinking a cup of a water. Zheng Mimi flashed a grateful smile in Rilianne White's direction and the blonde woman sighed. She felt pity for this patient since she had been in a coma for four years!

Although Rilianne White wasn't one to judge since she had fallen asleep for a long time (two days) last week and woken up feeling somewhat different. She couldn't pinpoint the feeling, but she felt like she was different.

"How long was I in a coma?" Zheng Mimi's hoarse voice brought Rilianne White out of her trance. She smiled gently and muttered, "Four years..." after all, she didn't want to lie to the patient who would end up finding out, anyways.

She expected Zheng Mimi to be shocked but she only nodded and mumbled softly something under her breath. Rilianne White shyly walked up to Zheng Mimi and said, "Hey, this is probably a weird time, but I want to be your friend." The blonde woman quickly turned red when she realized how childish her request sounded. Her flustered cheeks and innocence surprisingly reminded Zheng Mimi of Er Xi, despite how crazy it sounded.

Zheng Mimi nodded slightly and Rilianne White grinned, "I'm guess that's a yes? Oh my goodness, I'm so glad! You know, I had this connection with you ever since I saw you, as weird as that sounds." Zheng Mimi chuckled at the girl's adorable behavior and didn't say anything else. Silence engulfed the room until the door bursted open and two frantic people ran inside, breathing heavily. Rilianne White realized that they were the patient's parents, so she discreetly sneaked out without anyone seeing her.

"Mimi!" An aged woman exclaimed, her eyes filling with tears. "I'm so glad you're finally awake!" Zheng Mimi opened her mouth and whispered, "Mom..." Qi Feilan quickly scooped up Zheng Mimi's hand with hers and whispered words of thanks to Buddha.

Meanwhile the second person, Zheng Mimi's father, choked back a sob as he stared at his eldest daughter's open eyes. It had been too long. He felt ashamed for giving up somewhat on his daughter when he clearly could've endured a bit more for this day. "My Little Star, " he called out affectionately, tears slowly streaming down his face. Zheng Mimi turned her attention from her mother to her father and bit back a cry, "Father..."

When Zheng Huowen heard his daughter's voice, he quickly rushed up to her and grasped her other hand in his as he mumbled, "You're not allowed to sleep for a while..."

Zheng Mimi laughed and suddenly coughed, earning her two worried looks. She quickly added she was fine, in case they'd be worried, again. Her parents nodded and Zheng Mimi innocently asked, "So, how's Starlight in my absence?"

Her parents paled and averted their eyes, causing Zheng Mimi to narrow her eyes in suspicion. "What's going on?" She noticed her younger brother wasn't here with the family. Where was the brother that followed her like a puppy?

Her father sighed tiredly, "Mimi, Starlight has fired you—had fired you three years ago... and due to the medical bills and such, we had to pull Aitian out of business school..."

"How could you!" Zheng Mimi interrupted, "Business school was the way for Aitian to start his own company and business! It meant everything to him!" Zheng Huowen frowned and retorted, "We had to!" He didn't realize he had raised his voice and

continued, "For your medical bills; for the hospital to keep you alive! Your brother..."

"Hates me, doesn't he?" Zheng Mimi finished sorrowfully, "He thinks it's unfair how I had the opportunity to go to culinary school, but he had to drop out. Tell me, " her weak grip on her parents' hands tightened, "where is he? Please, I need to talk to him."

"He's... out of our control, now." Her mother admitted, "Getting into fights, gangs, etcetera."

"What!? Oh my goodness, I have to go talk some sense into him and-"

"Mimi!" Her parents yelled out in horror as they watched her heartbeat increase at a rapid speed, "Calm down!" They watched their aggravated daughter attempt to pull off the wires connected to her like a berserker. Her fervid eyes finally calmed down when Rilianne White appeared with a sedative shot, forcing the former chef to close her eyes for a peaceful slumber.

Both parents sighed with relief and gratitude toward Rilianne White, but the young intern was too busy feeling guilt for Zheng Mimi. She deeply hoped for the woman to be happy despite the obstacles and drama she seemed to be undergoing...


"My son, " Madam Wang called out affectionately, "do you remember mother, now?" Wang Jinfeng nodded cautiously and remained silent, his dark phoenix eyes flashing with coldness.

Madam Wang eyed her son with a deep look on her face. Her usual son, a cowardly young man who never failed to disappoint her (even though she continued to love him), seemed like he had completely disappeared after his accident. Now, his former obedient eyes were replaced with ones sharp like a blade, sometimes frightening Madam Wang, herself.

Even her husband, the current president and CEO of Wang Enterprises, received the shock of his life when his cowardly son narrowed his eyes at him in annoyance. Usually, the current Wang Head would only need to look at his son for him to cower in fear, but now, he was behaving in ways that had him surprisingly happy. Finally, his son exhibited traits of being a worthy successor, so he didn't need to worry about what chaos Wang Jinfeng would cause in the future.

Madam Wang felt like the atmosphere surrounding them was somewhat awkward, so she coughed slightly and bid her son adieu, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

The moment Madam Wang left, Wang Jinfeng sighed and raised his head, staring at the ceiling. It had been two weeks since he woke up from his coma. Ever since waking up, he felt like he was missing something. He didn't know what, but his heart was rapidly beating and encouraging him to find someone. Who? He didn't know... yet.

It's also been two weeks since he suddenly didn't fear a lot of things and subconsciously rejected a few people. For example, Wang Jinfeng would shiver in his father's presence, but ever since his accident, he didn't bother with the old man. Which surprisingly made his father pay more attention to him and be more considerate?

Wang Jinfeng didn't bother with his father's logic and turned his attention to the door. Like his gut feeling told him, there were people trying to get it. Their suspicious manner made Wang Jinfeng narrow his cold eyes as he prepared a fighting stance. Woah. Where did this fighting prowess come from? He didn't even know basic martial arts yet his body was forming a stance that he felt like he had done for years! Wang Jinfeng's astonishment was interrupted when someone opened the door and slowly walked in...

"It's you!"

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