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   Chapter 2 2. The Rebirth of the Cowardly Young Master

The Ultimate Heartbreak of Chef Zheng Mimi By silentscarlettt Characters: 4900

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2. The Rebirth of the Cowardly Young Master

"Jinfeng! Jinfeng wake up!" Nangong Longwei heard frantic voices echoing around him, suddenly forcing his eyes wide open. His gaze was met with an abundance of people all sharing one similarity—worry for him.

Jinfeng? Who's that?

"Oppa!" A foreign, yet beautiful girl cried, "We were all so worried!"

Nangong Longwei furrowed his brows, "Who are you people?"

All the people visibly gasped in horror. It seemed like the famous Wang Jinfeng had lost his memories due to the car wreck accident! "My son, " a glamorous woman in her forties sobbed, "my son can't remember his mother!"

A stern-looking man comforted the woman while directing a glare in his direction, like it was his fault for not knowing who the heck these people were. Nangong Longwei, having been an emperor for the past decade, had accumulated quite a bit of pride, so he coldly glared at the man like he was inferior.

The man's eyes widened in shock, like he couldn't believe Nangong Longwei, no, cowardly Jinfeng was capable of such actions. He murmured something to a man in a white lab coat, forcing the man to nervously walk forward and ask, "Young master, are you sure you don't remember anyone?"

Nangong Longwei shook his head and the man sighed. "It seems like the young master has amnesia due to the accident. I'm only making an assumption, but we'll run a few tests to confirm."

The dramatic woman from earlier frowned, "What can we do, doctor?"

The doctor sighed as he stared at the Madame of the Wang family. He knew one wrong word could cost him his job, "For now, please try to remind him as much as you can without making him feel pressured. For now, let's start with names, especially young master's name."

The young woman opened her mouth to speak to Nangong Longwei but the young girl from earlier interrupted her. This surprisingly didn't irritate the woman, but she only smiled sweetly at the girl in return.

"Oppa, " the girl started, "my name is Kim Moonhae, or Moonhae for short. Or if oppa wants to call me like you always do, I'm your Little Moon." Nangong Longwei noticed her adoring eyes and cringed. Deep in his heart, he knew she was not the girl in front of him.

He stiffly shook his head, "Miss Kim, it's best if we stay on unfamiliar terms as I don't remember who you are." I don't even know what the word oppa means... and her dialect is a bit different from mine.


im Moonhae eyes shined with tears but she nodded pitifully. Nangong Longwei glanced around and noticed the clothes they wore were completely different than what he was used to. Even the room was decorated with unfamiliar furniture and things he didn't recognize. Was this the world she is in? It's so foreign, so different! How am I going to get used to it?

He sighed thinking of the difficulty of finding her without knowing her name. Luckily, Nangong Longwei had always been sensitive so he'll definitely and hopefully recognize her.

Kim Moonhae noticed him sigh and thought it was because he had lost his memories. Her heart ached as she stared at her oppa.

Despite being the adoptive daughter of the famous Valmonte family, Wang Jinfeng never discriminated against her like her own older brother, Helios Valmonte. Every time Kim Moonhae appeared in front of her older brother, he would give her a look of disgust. His blonde hair and blue eyes deeply contrasted against her black hair and brown-black eyes. He despised her so much that he didn't allow the family name of Valmonte to be given to her, forcing Kim Moonhae to keep her actual surname of Kim. His prejudice was confusing since he was a friend of Wang Jinfeng, who had the same black hair and black eyes combination. Although Kim Moonhae didn't bother with her older brother like she did when she was younger because he was rude to all Asian women that shared similar features.

If one day he fell for a woman that had black hair and black eyes, Kim Moonhae wouldn't know how to react. Jealousy started to fill her heart for the imaginary woman before she shook off her stupidity. Helios Valmonte was a prince-like figure who would marry a beautiful, European princess-like figure. There was no way he'd want to taint himself with Asian women. With that thought, Kim Moonhae took a deep breath of relief.

"What is my name?" Nangong Longwei suddenly asked, snapping her out of her thoughts. She smiled and said, "Oppa's name is Wang Jinfeng, " when he heard his body's name, he felt like someone had punched him in the guts as foreign memories spilled inside his head. Memories of the young master named Wang Jinfeng poured inside and slowly replaced his previous memories. Nangong Longwei widened his eyes in horror as his precious memories were quickly being replaced by unknown memories...

How will I find her!?

That was his last thought before he passed out.

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