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   Chapter 7 VII. Her Copy

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Mistress, are you sure about this?

Langzhi asked with imaginary sweat dripping down his small forehead. His eyes anxiously shook as his legs clung onto the arm of Hu Jia to pitifully stop her.

Please don't do this! Please don't cause us any trouble! Langzhi pleaded as his grasp on Hu Jia's arm tightened.

He even considered spinning a web to stop her, but realized that the kind of spider he was, a wolf spider, didn't and couldn't spin webs so he could only cry in defiance.

His mistress was bound to get them in trouble, lots of trouble! And as always, he, Langzhi, would have to clean it up for them and keep them safe.

Hmm... since when have you cleaned up my troubles? Hu Jia interrupted his thoughts that he had unknowingly said out loud. He paled and quickly skittered back into her dimensional space, breathing a breath of relief.

Once he was in the Everlasting Lacunae, he frowned as his eyes narrowed with a few stray tears as he thought of forgotten memories pushed to the back of his mind, Mistress, I have sacrificed more for you than you can image...

Luckily, Hu Jia hadn't allowed her thoughts to be in the Everlasting Lacunae or else she would've heard Langzhi. And once she heard Langzhi, she would've asked him what he meant by such words.


As Hu Jia tightened the silk sheet and wrapped it to become a loop, she remembered the look Chen Liwang had given her the night before.

At first, she wasn't positive if she should go along with her plan, but as she noticed his gaze getting more intense, Hu Jia felt somewhat squeamish as his eyes held an emotion she couldn't decipher. Hu Jia then understood that this person was dangerous.

Sure he was only dangerous in terms of power, but that still was very dangerous to Hu Jia as she didn't have even basic cultivation in this world. It was really pathetic and motivated her to begin cultivation quicker.

She knew that the man had ulterior motives that would cause Hong Tingxing, the body she was occupying, plenty of problems. So Hu Jia decided on a method.

Sure it was a cowardly method, but at this point, she was desperate for anything. She was weak and a weak person would use any method to get rid of their problems, especially when it concerns such a dangerous foe.

She would commit suicide.

Hu Jia snorted at that thought. Not literally commit suicide, but an act of suicide to get her away from these people.

Hu Jia knew her so-called suicide would devastate an abundance of people, including her mother and older bro

d older brother, Wen Bingbing and Hong Bingjia."

A strange emotion flashed across Hong Mingxing's eyes until it fleeted away. Unfortunately, Hu Jia wasn't able to see it and only saw an emotionless copy doing exactly as she demands. Hong Mingxing nodded with obedience and bowed her head at her mistress and creator. "Mistress does not need to worry. This servant will make sure to obey all of mistress' demands."

"Good." Hu Jia paused, "One more thing, " she walked forward until she was only a few centimeters away from Hong Mingxing's face, "you must delay marrying Chen Liwang as much as you can. No matter what, you cannot marry him while you're pretending to be Hong Tingxing. Understand?"

Despite their close distance, the copy didn't seem to be intimidated. In fact, she kept her apathetic behavior and only nodded again.

When Langzhi opened up his window to view the outside world from the dimensional space, he was able to see his mistress attempting to intimidate the copy in which the copy didn't even respond with fear. Langzhi couldn't help but grow suspicious, so he questioned, mistress, other than the process of one drop of blood from the original Hong Tingxing's body onto the spell page and spell chanting, did anything else happen?

Hu Jia thought long and hard and didn't seem to remember anything particularly suspicious. She didn't understand why her pet was acting so anxious. He saw how Hong Mingxing was submissive and obeying. Why was the little spider fretting so much?

No, she finally responded after a while, nothing else happened. Langzhi, you're worrying too much.

Langzhi sighed and murmured inside the space, "I sure hope so..."


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