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   Chapter 6 VI. Her Exploitation

Revenge of the Female Tiger By silentscarlettt Characters: 8791

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Hu Jia rolled her eyes for the nth time as she sat on the chair and watched her father try to appease the so-called guest.

The guest had turned out to be a young man in his early twenties with an abnormally gorgeous face. Her father and the guest had refused to tell the rest of the family the guest's identity, but judging by the way Wen Bingbing's, Hu Jia's so-called mother, eyes kept darting back and forth nervously trying to appease the gorgeous man, Hu Jia knew he was someone important. But who was he?

She knew that the Hong family status was at the very top due to Hong Yuanhun, the current head and her so-called father, was a General. Status truly did not go higher unless one was royal family... or the Duke!

But mistress, how do you know if he's not someone from the royal family?

Hu Jia smiled at her na?ve pet and began explaining, Langzhi, you do realize that Hong Yuanhun, the current General, doesn't bother to treat anyone from the royal family with much noticeable respect except for the emperor. Don't you remember what his reaction was when I snitched about the Crown Prince?

Langzhi slowly began to nod as realization dawned to him, he acted like he lost an investment.

Exactly! Hu Jia was proud of her little pet for being smart for once, There was no such thing as fear while speaking to or about the Crown Prince, or any other royalty.

Except for the emperor, Langzhi added.

And regarding this so-called guest, I'm positive he is the Duke or the Duke's son.

Langzhi shook his tiny head, I disagree. Mistress, he wouldn't harbor such feelings of fear for a mere son of the Duke. He would only be scared if...

If it was the duke himself! Hu Jia finished and exclaimed, Langzhi, you're a genius!

Langzhi cleared his throat and began gloating, of course, mistress! This genius has been in your hands the entire time! This genius-

Enough! Hu Jia reprimanded, Now tell me, how could the Duke be so young?

Langzhi mumbled incoherent words until Hu Jia asked him to repeated his sentence. The stronger you are, the younger you can wish to appear before others. So this Duke is a lot more advanced in his cultivation to appear so young.

Hu Jia nodded in appreciation at her spider's input and blocked him out. Her eyes began to roam around until they landed on the mysterious guest, or the Duke. Which by digging through the original's memories, she found out his name was Chen Liwang. The original had never seen the duke but had heard about him because Chen Liwang was a legendary warrior in terms of cultivation, already reaching the edge of the Guru Phase.

But if Hong T

eneral Hong Yuanhun for the hands in marriage of his di daughter, Hong Tingxing. After they got married and she became his wangfei, Chen Liwang would make sure to stay away from making any more deals with the sly bastard he'd have to call father-in-law. And using the name of her paternal family and her grandparents name as well, Chen Liwang would be able to regain the glory of the Chen Dukedom and regain some of the lost respect.

Even though Chen Liwang wasn't comfortable with having a thirteen-year-old wangfei, he still needed her sources else he wouldn't be able to handle his father's disapproval and disappointment. He was, after all, nineteen-years-old. To the eyes of others, he was much older because he had a strong grasp on cultivation, but in reality, his family had forced him to conceal his true age because he would be hailed as a genius.

And would attract unwanted attention, especially from powerful sects who wouldn't mind blackmailing him to join them or kidnapping important people for him to join.

Chen Liwang's eyes hardened when he remembered a certain incident regarding someone very precious to him, his sister Chen Miyun. Even now, she hid in the Chen Manor traumatized and wanting to commit suicide. Luckily, Chen Liwang had kept at least three people to supervise her at all times to prevent her from doing anything foolish and getting herself in trouble.

Thinking about Chen Miyun, Chen Liwang internally sighed. The little guilt he felt for Hong Tingxing disappeared. He needed the General's manor to help with the Dukedom. It didn't matter that he'd be using a thirteen-year-old to achieve it. Hopefully one day, she would grow to love him... Otherwise, it would be a loveless hell, for both of them.


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