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   Chapter 1 I. Her Demise

Revenge of the Female Tiger By silentscarlettt Characters: 12877

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A young woman in her early twenties gazed coldly in the eyes of the man in front of her. Her chilling eyes were narrowed with disbelief as she pulled out the dagger that was embedded deeply in her heart.

"Little Tiger, did you like my surprise?" The man said tauntingly, his eyes filled with mirth and a hint of sadness. The moment he had pulled the stunt, he knew any chance of her love for him was over. There was nothing more other than hatred brewing in her dark orbs that haunted his dreams every night. Oh, how he wished he could imprison her in a golden cage so that no one else could feast their eyes upon this calamitous star. But unfortunately, she was destined for greatness and tragedy... destined to be a Phoenix of Sin, hence he had to destroy her before she grew. Despite hating to make such sacrifice, he, Fu Xueguang, had to. Preventing her from rising was the only way to keep her in the dark from her true parentage...

The woman took a deep breath, blinking her eyes like she wished to blink away the nightmare unfolding before her, wanting it to disappear. Unfortunately, the man she had treated as family had truly stabbed her in her most vulnerable moment. She didn't understand why as she had always treated him with the utmost respect and held him as a special person in her heart. She had known he was powerful, way more powerful than her, hence keeping an appropriate distance and attempting to not provoke him. Their relationship of approximately five or so years had apparently meant nothing to him when he asked her to close her eyes for a few seconds as he had prepared a surprise for her.

Never in her wildest dreams did she believe it was a surprise like this.

She gripped the dagger tighter, wishing it could disappear. Unfortunately, the dagger mockingly continued to drip with her blood mixed with a black, tar-like substance that etched subconscious fear in her head.

"Why?" Her hoarse voice asked, almost pleading him to lie. She wanted to hear him use any excuse, call it an accident, say he was sorry. Unfortunately, Fu Xueguang laughed icily and crossed his arms. "Why? Because of two reasons, my dear." He snapped his fingers and her heart stopped bleeding, momentarily prolonging her life, but this caused the pain to intensify and she couldn't help but to cough up blood.

Fu Xueguang sadistically grinned, "Good to see the poison I had painstakingly cultivated had not gone to waste, " he chuckled when she threw a dark glare in his direction, but continued, "anyways, didn't you want to know why? I'll tell you: first, there's a little thing called the Star of Calamity on your forehead, but it's attached to your soul hence why you can't see it. I, of course, had to get rid of such a sign of bad luck so the higher ups wouldn't have to deal with it later on. You would call this an extermination before the bug did any damage."

Noticing the look of confusion mixed with hurt on her face, he continued, "And my next reason is..." Fu Xueguang harshly grabbed her chin and feasted on her red lips ferociously. She tried to struggle, pounding her weak fists on his chest, but to no avail. The man had weakened her to the point that even blinking was difficult, nonetheless self defense.

Finally, a few minutes later when Fu Xueguang was satisfied, he removed his lips and his golden eyes flashed with adulterous desires, "My dear, your proper distance had really begun to make me angry. Seeing you speak with any male drove me insane... Hu Jia, no, my Little Tiger, you belong to me. If only you had accepted the fact sooner, we would've never progressed to such a point. Tell me, how does it feel to be so powerless? To have your life in my hands? I can kill you with a snap of my fingers, so use your words wisely." He then proceeded to kiss her neck in a sexual manner, knowing she had no way of resisting.

Hu Jia choked back a sob and her bile. The man in front of her was not the same man she had accepted as family. No, the man was a beast. A disgusting beast that needed to drown in the waters of the Underworld. Once again, she attempted to resist, but she was powerless. She closed her eyes and accepted the humiliation that she knew was going to happen before her death. A humiliation that could never be erased from her soul, no matter how many times she reincarnates.

Meanwhile from a place far away, a woman anxiously watched Hu Jia suffering with a magical mirror, the woman's eyes filled with unshed tears. Oh, how she wished to help her, but unfortunately, she had chosen her empire over her own daughter. Helping her now would surely bring her trouble... but still, the woman couldn't handle for her abandoned daughter to be violated like so.

The woman quickly pulled out an old book of spells and magic. The same book she had hidden from everyone in the entire empire including her husband. She didn't want to use the dark arts like she did before, unfortunately, she had to save her daughter. And the young man that was torturing her daughter was almost powerful enough to harm her. But once the woman sensed dark magic radiating from him, she knew she had to counter fire with fire.

The woman took a deep breath and began searching for the particular spell that she had found ridiculous before. The spell that allowed for a soul to transmigrate into a different body that had died tragically. Finally, when the woman found it, she began mustering half her cultivation into a sphere and chanted miscellaneous words, her eyes turning bright red. When she felt that the spell was complete, she pushed the sphere toward the mirror, causing it to absorb and quickly going inside Hu Jia's body. The woman smiled with relief and collapsed. She had used half of her cultivation, but it was worth it. She noticed her daughter that was almost violated closing her eyes for an eternal slumber. Once the woman realized she was no longer in danger, she closed her eyes and whispered, "Thank the gods I was able to do something for her..."

Hu Jia opened her closed eyes and found that she was floating along with other souls in a dark place that held the stench of death drifting through her nose.

Mistress, that man... a childish voice echoed in her head, that man has gone insane.

Hu Jia pursed her lips and thought, Langzhi, show me what he's doing...

The wolf spider in her spatial dimension suddenly leaped out and bit his mistress gentl

y in her wrist, making sure it was painless or else he knew he would suffer her wrath later on. Hu Jia's dark eyes transformed into colorless pupils as she saw what her pet was seeing. She saw Fu Xueguang's golden eyes flashing with fury as he held her lifeless body, screaming profanities at whoever helped Hu Jia die sooner.

Fu Xueguang muttered, "So close... I was so close to having you. You stupid bitch, I hope you never reincarnate. And speaking of the poison I used on the dagger, you shouldn't reincarnate. I'm heartbroken you're gone forever, my Little Tiger. Fortunately, I'll look after your body for all of eternity..."

Hu Jia blinked away the vision and clenched her fists. Fu Xueguang, I will remember this... she knew she was powerless to stand up to him now, but she made a mental oath to get back her body and have her revenge.

Langzhi, how did we manage to escape? My soul should be obliterated, according to the poison he used.

Langzhi sighed, Mistress, for a few milliseconds, I sensed an unknown power guarding us and sending us here, the little spider proceeded to use one of his eight legs to point at the roaming souls, it seems like we are in the Underworld.

Hu Jia glanced around and her gaze fell upon a teenage girl that looked to be sixteen or seventeen years old. Subconsciously, she walked in her direction as she could feel pity forming in her heart. As though the girl felt her scrutinizing, she turned around and Hu Jia visibly gasped. The teenager was graced with devastatingly good looks that could bring down nations. The teenager's appearance was actually very similar to her own appearance, but hers held an aura of coldness while the young girl's appearance with tinted with a pure na?vety.

The girl walked closer until both stared at each other in familiarity. They examined each other and the girl asked, "Why do you share the same face as me?"

Langzhi jumped out and squeaked, "You're obviously younger than my mistress, so you share the same face as her." The girl screamed and backed away from the wolf spider, her fear making the tiny spider cringe. Langzhi blew a small raspberry in her direction and scattered back inside Hu Jia's space.

Hu Jia rolled her eyes at her pet's antics and mumbled an apology. Though Langzhi kept the appearance of a spider, only she knew what type of species he really was. Luckily, the creature had begged her to keep it a secret between them, not even allowing her to tell Fu Xueguang, knowing he'd take him away in a heartbeat.

"Anyways, " Hu Jia's sharp eyes surprisingly didn't make the girl feel frightened, she subconsciously knew the woman in front of her wouldn't hurt her. After all, it was like meeting her doppelg?nger. "Young lady, what's your name?"

With Hu Jia's intense gaze, the teenage girl felt obligated to tell the truth. She spat out her name with unshed tears in her eyes, "My name is Hong Tingxing, "

"Hong Tingxing? Lovely name..." Hu Jia complimented. It was so different than her name that screamed ferocity; a delicate name worthy of a noble young miss.

Hong Tingxing smiled nostalgically and murmured, "My mother chose it for me." Hu Jia bit her lip and blurted, "Why are you the the Underworld? How could someone so young like you die so soon?"

Hong Tingxing smiled and said, "You're a hypocrite. Aren't you young, too? You couldn't be older than twenty-three."

Hu Jia shook her head, "Close. I'm twenty-four years old. How old are you, little girl?"

Hong Tingxing sighed and a tear rolled down her left cheek, "I would've turned eighteen years old in two weeks... Unfortunately, I died due to the schemes of my father's first concubine and her daughters."

"Concubine? Your father has other women? Don't you feel resentful?" Hu Jia asked in wonder. She couldn't help her curiosity as she had been an orphan ever since she was a few months old.

According to the orphanage she had grown up in, she had been placed on their doorsteps at three months old with a multicolor flower tattoo on her arm. The owner of the orphanage had been flabbergasted, but nonetheless, she kept the baby and raised her as her own.

Unfortunately for Hu Jia, there had been no families wanting to adopt her, no matter how goddess-like her looks may have seemed. They all cursed her for being a temptress from the Devil Sect, her looks too good to be humanly true. Surprisingly, they didn't bother to realize that Hu Jia was barely a teenager, having no way of contacting any Devil Sect members, nonetheless become a member herself.

Thus, this led to Hu Jia enduring a bitter childhood at the orphanage until she met Fu Xueguang at the age of nineteen. He had been her good luck charm, helping her master martial arts and advancing her cultivation at a shocking pace. She was truly stunned at the events that had happened earlier, wishing they were just a dream. But here she was, a floating spirit, in the Underworld.

Hong Tingxing reached over and touched her tattoo on her arm with a ponderous look on her face which suddenly caused her memories to be slowly sucked away from her and inserted into the head of Hu Jia, despite her protests.

Langzhi! What's happening? Hu Jia internally yelled as she felt her burning sensation in her soul as foreign memories attached themselves in her head. Hong Tingxing's wonderstruck look left her speechless. "Are you enjoying this?"

The young adult shook her head, "No... I'm guessing this is the legendary transmigration that the teachers had spoken about in school. Miss, even though you never told me your name, I still have a gut feeling I can trust you. I ask you to please take revenge for me against the first concubine and her daughters along with my perverted second half-brother. Then, please let my family live peacefully and please get me married to a decent man."

Hu Jia snorted, "That's a lot of requests..."

Hong Tingxing smiled maturely, "For borrowing my body? For another chance at living? I think my requests are reasonable..."

Hu Jia raised her hands muttering, "Touché—" her words were interrupted by a spinning wheel appearing on top of the two women, slowly pulling Hu Jia inside of it. "Please don't forget my requests! Take care, Miss..."

"Hu Jia." With those two final words, Hu Jia found herself officially inside the spinning circle with a throbbing ache pounding in her head, which caused her to blackout.

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