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   Chapter 21 NO.21

Glass Sight By silentscarlettt Characters: 4304

Updated: 2018-09-10 18:57

So there will be 2 character lists, one in the format of art, the other will be using real people. I did this because not all the art styles are similar, so having real people will help. I found all these images on Pinterest, so they do not belong to me!

This may contain spoilers, so if you haven't caught up to the latest chapter, I recommend not looking! But all up to you~

Our MC! Looking lovely as usual! Born blind, she had been bullied for most of her life. She didn't expect anything from the concubine selections, yet somehow became an imperial consort! She first finds Wulong annoying and persistent, although she doesn't say anything due to the fear that her father's life would be in danger. But later on, she slowly loses her apathetic behavior and allows her heart to be stolen by our ML :P

This is our ML! The current emperor of the Han empire, he was born not from the empress, but from a consort. He wasn't supposed to inherit the throne nor did he vie for it, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he was forced to compete for it hence earning the nicknames of bloodthirsty, ruthless, etc. He grew an interest for Yingyun after seeing her lack of care and attention, even after knowing his true identity. Slowly, the interest turned into love.

This is the friend

hey all have different mothers. Other than that, not much is known about them. Any theories?

He is the lover of Yuyu, but other than that, nothing is known about him. Any theories?

Then there's some other characters like Han Feifei, the empress dowager who was a consort before becoming empress dowager. Qi Luowon, the father of Yingyun. Xue mama, the head mama at the palace. Hui mama, the one who tried to get rid of Yingyun with the help of Jiang Meier.

If I missed any characters, please let me know! By the way, this is the character list using ART/2D people. I will have another character list using Chinese actors and actresses. Hopefully I can get it done and poster soon!

Btw, did you notice how there were masculine and bold fonts, and feminine and cursive fonts? I kinda did it to their personality, keep that in mind when you read ;)

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