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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Meanwhile Yingyun sat in a palanquin that guided her to the Ethereal Blossom Palace, the second largest palace in the emperor's harem, the first belonging to the empress. Dailei watched from her palace in undisguised anger.

To be bestowed an imperial consort so easily, to be her beloved's love, to have his affection... Why was the heavens so unfair? Dailei felt a tear slip from her eye. She had worked so hard to be in the position she was now in, to be close to Han Wulong.

She suddenly remembered the first time she met him, merely six years old and him eight years old...

"Lin, where are we going?" A six-year-old Chen Dailei asked in curiosity, tugging at the female servant's clothes with her big, doe-like eyes. Lin servant had insisted for both of them to sneak out of the mansion without anybody seeing or knowing, telling Dailei they were going to have a secret adventure.

"Nubi has a servant for you, my little lady. Nubi will show you something fun." The female servant said with a gentle smile on her face, but greed flashed across her eyes. If she finished this mission, then she would get ten taels of gold from the first concubine.

Dailei nodded innocently, her long hair that was coiled into two buns fanning her lovely face. Even though she was young, the servant knew that when she grew, she would be a first-class beauty. Which is why the first concubine was so afraid, especially for her own daughter, hence paying Lin to do something to make her disappear permanently.

As they continued to walk further and further away from the right prime minister's mansion and closer to the forest. Seeing the sky grow dark, Dailei tugged at Lin servant's clothes again, "Lin, I'm scared. Let's go back, please."

"My little lady, we're almost there. Don't you want to play the special game nubi has prepare for you?" Lin urged, grabbing Dailei's hand tightly in hers, not allowing a chance for the toddler to escape. Dailei sighed softly and nodded, as they kept getting closer and closer to the lake.

"My little lady, we're here!" Lin servant pointed to a beautiful lake surrounded by a lovely meadow of flowers.

Dailei giggled and quickly rushed to pick up a flower, twirling around in happiness. "Lin, it's so pretty!"

Lin nodded as she ushered Dailei to the lake, "Look, the water is so clear! Nubi is ready to show you her game." Lin servant guided Dailei to the water and smiled, "My li

ed, wearing a silver mask. "Mistress, " he said with his deep voice, earning himself a huff from Dailei. "Bingwen, I'm tired of seeing that stupid, blind bitch, I want you to get rid of her."

Chao Bingwen cupped his hands and bowed, "Whatever you want, mistress." Before he could disappear, Dailei held out her hand and stopped him, making his heart skip a beat. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Make sure that you leave no evidence."

Bingwen nodded and swiftly disappeared, leaving Dailei alone. Dailei smiled as she thought of Yingyun's impending doom. Bingwen had been her shadow guard ever since she was eight years old, a few months after she met Wulong in the palace. Even as a child, he insisted on wearing a silver mask to cover his face because he valued his privacy. Once, a younger Dailei wanted to know what was beneath his mask. But now, as she only focused on Wulong, she didn't care.

As long as he helped her with her dirty tasks and protected her, she didn't care.

Her beloved belonged to her, and she was going to get rid of the woman that had bewitched him, first.


Does anybody sympathize with Dailei? This just shows that every villain has a story, no matter how wicked. She kinda has a psychological attachment to Wulong, even though she's not 100% sure that it was him. So basically, she's been trusting her gut feeling that he's the boy that saved her life.

I think I'll have mixed feelings on her ending, but you'll have to read on to find out what happens to her ;)

And btw, should I do a character list? To help you visualize what each character looks like?

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