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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Updated: 2018-09-10 18:55

The next day, Selin and her servant-maid paces back and forth in anticipation. They had planned something that would get the left prime minister to offer his assistance to his beloved daughter.

"Zhuzhu, are you sure that father is nearby?" Selin asked anxiously. This plan could not go wrong or else there would be disaster awaiting them.

Zhuzhu nodded, "Yes, my lady. Da'ren had just finished morning court and according to the eunuchs that were bribed over, he is on his way to visit you, my lady." Selin smiled viciously as she heard three knocks on the door. That had been the signal that her father was now in her pavilion.

She gripped the white cloth that was tied in a loop and stood on the chair. Nodding at Zhuzhu, her servant immediately began to scream. "My lady, you mustn't. My lady, nubi is begging you! My lady!" Zhuzhu weakly attempted to pull Selin that was pretending to struggle with tears streaming down her face.

"Let me die, Zhuzhu. I cannot withstand this unfair world any longer. I cannot withstand such a disgraceful abnormality any longer." Selin entered her head through the loop and raised her head to kick the chair, only to hear an aged voice immediately yell out in horror.

"Lin'er, what are you doing!?

ven if he was an emperor, her father didn't care. She was going to get rid of that dumb harlot no matter what measures she had to use.

"F-Father, " Wang Zhi snapped back into attention and stared at his daughter, whose eyes were swollen from crying so much. His heart bled in anger and sadness once he saw her tear-stricken face.

"Yes?" He answered gently, pulling her to sit down.

"Will you help Lin'er? Or will your daughter have to hunch her back for a commoner for the rest of her life?"

An evil smile appeared on Wang Zhi's face as he muttered, "Lin'er, father will not only get rid of that stupid wrench, but he'll offer you the phoenix seat in compensation..."


Another double update! I'm on a roll~

Let's hope I don't lose this writing sickness I've contracted that's making me write like crazy ??

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