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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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Once the empress dowager left, Dailei released a maniacal laugh as she regarded Yingyun.

"Bitch, " she said as she shook off Wixue's arms that held her back, "offending me is death. Offending her is hell." With that, she turned around and followed after the empress dowager, disappearing quickly. Now, the only ones that remained were the three concubines picked and the emperor. Along with Yingyun that was receiving a death stare from Meier and Selin and a look of confusion from Wixue.

Seeing that the empress was gone, Meier quickly followed her in hopes of getting in her good graces and because they both despised the same wrench—Yingyun. She, of course, remembered to how in respect before leaving. Slowing, Wixue bid the emperor good night and left, with Selin following her. But when Selin saw that no attention was on her, she stayed to eavesdrop on the conversation between Yingyun and Wulong.

The once buzzing room filled with voices, screams, and slaps now held a mood of quietude. Neither of the duo, Wulong and Yingyun, bothered to speak as an uncomfortable silence loomed between them.

"Yingyun..." Wulong said after what felt like an eternity of quiet, in reality only a few minutes.

Yingyun remained as tranquil as a queen, her face expressionless. In fact, if one saw how calm and composed she was, they would assume she was the empress as compared to Dailei that made a scene earlier. Not only her aura, but her beauty proved that she was more than what her eyes deemed her to be.

Yingyun bowed and said, "Your Majesty." Her emotionless voice wasn't a surprise to Wulong as she behaved exactly like their meeting in the garden. But even when Wulong tried to convince himself that this was the way she normally behaved, he still felt uncomfortable at her apathy.

"Not you, t

m if he decided to attack her.

She suddenly felt a gentle pair of warm lips that lightly kissed her forehead. Opening her eyes, even though all she could see was the reoccurring darkness, for the first time, she felt something else. It was a foreign feeling that she couldn't decipher, but it wasn't bad. In fact, deep in her cold heart, she wanted for it to happen again.

The only other person that had treated her so delicately had been her father... Was this stranger, this emperor, truly not taking pity on her?

Once Wulong pulled back, he saw Yingyun's head slightly bowed and her gaze averted downward. He chuckled as he grabbed her hand again, guiding her back to her pavilion.

Seeing the couple slowing fading away, Selin clenched her fists so hard that they turned red, like her face. She couldn't stand such gentle behavior from the infamously ruthless emperor to such a stupid girl. She began to devise a plan to get rid of Yingyun and then whoever else was in her way of becoming the mother of the nation...


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