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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Once Wulong uttered those words, Dailei immediately screeched, "No! Bengong will not allow this! Bengong will not allow a wrench to be an imperial consort." Wulong shot Dailei a strict and criticizing look, silently telling her to stop.

But Dailei didn't stop. She continued to shriek until Wulong growled, "Silence! Zhen apologizes to Our guests, but the banquet is over due to an unforeseen issue."

The audience immediately understood what he meant and scurried out, bowing in respect before they disappeared. The only ones that didn't leave were the empress dowager, empress, emperor, and the four young women that were picked. Three as concubines, one as an imperial consort. Even the eunuchs and servants left after the emperor shooed them away.

The sound of silence occupied the room until Chen Dailei walked in the direction of Yingyun, beginning to scream, "Let me at her. Bengong will kill her and scratch her disgusting eyes out."

Before she could touch Yingyun, a pair of arms held her back. Wixue frowned as she held the supposed mother of the nation that was screaming like a wild animal. She glanced at Selin and Meier and noticed their nonchalant loo

enched. Even though her nails pierced her skin and blood was beginning to drip, she didn't care. To see her son defying her had hurt her more than she expected, especially for some random woman.

"Mother, " Wulong said calmly, "she stays. And zhen does not expect anyone to harm her..." His eyes flickered to Dailei and the concubines, then flickered back to the empress dowager.

The empress dowager closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "You've made a grave mistake, my son." With that, she turned around without acknowledging anyone or anything else.

You've picked the wrong side, my son. I will show you that this old woman still holds way more political influence than you expect...


Double update! I didn't expect to finish this chapter so soon, so enjoy :)

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