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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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"Guards!" Dailei's voice rung out, interrupting her train of thoughts, "Throw the insolent trash in the dungeons for disrespecting the emperor!"

When two royal guards walked towards Yingyun, the girl's face remained neutral and didn't show any sign of struggle. Her calm exterior angered Dailei even more as she gripped her throne's arms.

She felt disgusted. Her beloved was in love with such a girl? Why? Why did he have to waste his emotions for someone who didn't even see his beautiful eyes or his occasional smile. Jealously flooded Dailei as she watched guards getting closer and closer to the harlot. To her and everyone else's astonishment, Wulong raised a hand and stopped them.

"What are you doing?" She screamed at Wulong in which he ignored her. He grabbed Yingyun hand and whispered something in her ear. She looked confused, the first emotion she displayed ever since she walked inside. Dailei stood up from her throne and strode towards Wulong, teaching for his arm.

Once he dodged her attempt of touching him, she heard snickers.

What a pathetic empress.

Look at the emperor running from her.

Huh, it's no wonder that she hasn't given birth to an heir, yet, despite being the mother of the nation.

Hearing the peoples' whispers of scorn, Dailei felt even angrier. She couldn't refute their words because, unfortunately, it was true. Wulong, their emperor, never seemed to care about her even though she was anointed as his empress.


the status she was desperate for.

"What is your name?" His eyes were hard despite his small smile. But Jiang Meier didn't care as the emperor had asked for her name as the third concubine. She was ecstatic as she fervently said, "Jiang Meier, Your Majesty."

Once the three women were announced, Wulong walked back to his dragon throne. Noticing Xue mama's look of confusion and Chen Dailei's look of victory, he sighed. Before the non-picked women could be dismissed, his loud voice announced, "What's the rush? Zhen did say that zhen has a surprise."

"Which one of you remaining ladies is named Yingyun?"

Yingyun stepped forward and bowed, "That would be this servant, Your Majesty." People murmured in shock when they realized she was the same girl that the emperor was standing in front of earlier.

"Zhen has a surprise for you." His cold eyes turned warm and gentle as he said the next sentence, "Zhen will bestow you the position of an imperial consort."


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