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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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"What were you thinking!" Wulong yelled furiously at Dailei that was slowly beginning to open her eyes. Dailei cringed when she saw his anger but deep inside her head, she grinned. Her plan had worked.

"I was..." Dailei flinched when she tried to sit up. She glanced at Wulong, hoping he would help her, but disappointment filled her chest when he just continued to glare at her. She cleared her throat and mumbled pitifully, "Chenqie was thinking about you leaving chenqie for some harlot. This empress cannot stand someone else loving Your Majesty..." someone else bearing your children!

Wulong sat on a seat near her head and looked at her for a few minutes. He opened his mouth and asked, "Chen Dailei, have you even met an emperor without any concubines?"

He didn't allow Dailei a chance to answer as he continued, "Ever met an emperor without a harem? With only an empress?"

Wulong frowned at her stupidity, "Chen Dailei, this incident better not happen again..."

Dailei bowed her head in silence ignoring his demand. She had slit her wrists to get her wish of marrying him—it had worked—so she'll do it again.

Ignoring his call, Dailei reached for the sword attached to his belt on his hip. Wulong quickly dodged her attempt of pulling the sword with a scowl. "What are you doing!?"

"Your Majesty can't leave chenqie." Dailei said hoarsely. "Chenqie will kill herself before such a day happens."

"Chen Dailei! Snap out of whatever trance you

o see what His Majesty was planning.

"You, " the emperor's booming voice rung out in the silent hall, "who are you?"

Yingyun's heart throbbed as she recognized the voice. "Guard Long?" She whispered quietly which earned her a screeching laugh from the back of the room.

All eyes turned to the thrones to find the empress shaking with laughter. Even Wulong had turned around, only to see Dailei looking at Yingyun with disgust and mock. "Thing, " she arrogantly referred to Yingyun, "how dare you call the emperor 'Guard Long'? Are you tired of living?"

Yingyun paled when she heard the stranger's voice. A delicate, feminine voice that was laced with annoyance and was overwhelmingly haughty. Yingyun prayed that she had mistaken the man's voice and that she really did meet a guard that night, not the emperor.

"Guards!" Dailei's voice rung out, interrupting her train of thoughts, "Throw the insolent trash to the dungeons for disrespecting the emperor!"


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