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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Her beloved was finally here! He finally felt the same way as she did! Dailei was smiling with excitement when she remembered that she was looking more beautiful than usual. This was due to that fact that she had summoned lots of servants to help her prepare for the banquet tonight.

She didn't know the reason behind the banquet, but she heard the servants say it's very important as it would change life in the palace forever. Dailei, wanting to be a good empress, of course had to look exceptionally beautiful to impress whoever her beloved had invited.

Wulong saw her trying to hug him, so he quickly dodged. Other than their wedding night, he had avoided any physical contact with Dailei. Even to this day, he could feel the disgust of physically touching the girl and deflowering her.

He felt sick to think about anything night with the girl, but that didn't stop her from scheming. Wulong had managed to escape plenty of aphrodisiacs and other drugs the empress had wanted to feed him out of courtesy of her love.

Wulong cleared his throat and his deep voice rung out, "Chen Dailei, empty the courtyard right now."

Dailei's eye twitched in annoyance by the way he had called her. Never had he called her my empress, darling, wife or even a simple Dailei. It had always been him addressing her formally and making sure to place distance between them.

But Dailei ignored the feeling of hurt in her chest because

er palace, Dailei continued to kneel on the ground despite her dress getting dirty. She didn't bother to summon her servants back into the courtyard as she had a plan.

You don't love me? I will prove you wrong!

Dailei quickly stood up and walked around in search of something. As it was empty and she was used to servants bringing everything for her, it took a while before she found what she needed—a sword.

Dailei grabbed the sword, albeit a bit heavy, and smiled. She then proceeded to cut her wrists with it. Seeing the blood gushing out, Dailei didn't feel pain. She felt satisfaction because she knew that he would have to save her. And would have to comply with her wish.

Dailei released a maniacal laugh as her vision began to blurry. Before she passed out, Dailei screamed to attract attention of the people nearby. Hearing footsteps, she smirked in victory and closed her eyes, her head hitting the ground with a loud bang.


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