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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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The empress suddenly remembered the conversation she had with her beloved earlier before the banquet...


Wulong sat on his throne in the empty room. He smiled nostalgically when he remembered Yingyun, the innocent lotus that had stolen his heart. The girl who was able to cause his cold heart to thump wildly without ends.

Tonight would be the night where he publicly makes her his. Along with two other girls, which his mother had already chosen one—the left prime minister's daughter, Wang Selin. His mother knew picking Selin would help gain the support of the left prime minister and wouldn't allow the old fox to find a way to rebel against his own son-in-law.

A concubine for political reasons and a concubine to help him keep his power. Wulong understood her reasoning and didn't bother to argue with her choice. She did say he had a choice in the other two, which he had chosen Fu Wixue due to her family's militaristic influence and Qi Yingyun because she held his heart.

If Wulong hadn't met Yingyun, he would've easily chosen a random girl to appease his court. But ever since he met Yingyun, he couldn't help but remember her glassy eyes and her beautiful, expressionless face.

Although Wulong knew she would be disappointed with him for lying to her about his identity, he knew that she would come around and forgive him. After all, he was the emperor. Something

had him to protect her.


When Wulong arrived at the Withering Flower Palace, he was shocked to see it swarming with servants. Sure an empress had an abundance of servants, but today, the number was numerous. Wulong was curious on why Dailei needed so many servants to provide for her.

The guard at her palace's doors announced his presence and the once buzzing, chattering palace turned deadly silent. Wulong slowly walked inside, only to be startled by a happy scream.

"Beloved!" Dailei shouted with joy, "Your Majesty is here!" Such an event, where Wulong personally going to visit the empress' palace was a rare one. Which is why not only Dailei, but the servants inside as well, were shocked to see their emperor there.

Dailei attempted to hug Wulong only for him to step aside and allow her to reach for empty air. Her eyes filled with sadness but she quickly blinked away her rejection as joy replaced it.


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