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   Chapter 12 NO.12

Glass Sight By silentscarlettt Characters: 4665

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The room was so silent that you could hear soft breathing. In fact, Yingyun didn't realize that it was her breathing. For some odd reason, her heart was beating rapidly and uncontrollably.

Suddenly, Yingyun heard footprints. The footprints echoed in the room as all eyes fell to the owner—the emperor. He had stood up from his dragon seat and walked toward the selected young women.

Selin stood even taller with a victorious smile on her face because the gorgeous man was walking in her direction. Wulong saw her hopeful eyes and scoffed in his head. Another power-hungry girl, he thought in disgust.

Wulong continued to walk to the point that he was only a few steps away from Selin. The haughty girl's heart began to thump faster as she subconsciously walked in his direction to meet him. She didn't expect for her path to be this easy. Was the unattainable emperor another victim of her beauty?

Wulong turned his cold eyes in Selin's direction and their eyes met. His dark eyes met her hazel ones that were filled with infatuation. He quietly laughed at her silly imagination that he was there for her.

No, he was down here, walking, for something better. For someone even better. Wulong had reached Selin, but surprisingly, he didn't stop like the spectators expected.

No, he continued walking. Selin's eyes widened in shock and rejection. No! She couldn't believe he had ignor

m about changing his mind and snapping out of the idiotic trance he was in.

She hadn't wanted to intervene when he had gotten up because that meant he was interested in one of the young women, but to see him interested in such a person, she couldn't stand it.

Her son would only be allowed to be with perfection. And she, his caring mother, would guide him to what she deems as perfection.

And the other woman, the empress, had her fists clenched like Meier. But unlike Meier, hers were so clenched so tight that blood was drawn and dripped down her red dress, blending in with the color. Her bloodshot eyes were gleaming with fury and despite for the girl.

So this was the girl that her beloved had spoken about earlier. This was the girl who holds her beloved's heart. This was the girl she was going to destroy... the blind girl, that she had ignored the reports received from mamas about, named Qi Yingyun.


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