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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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As the eunuch walked in front of the girls, he guided the girls to the banquet hall. They continued to walk until they stopped in front of two large, majestic doors with dragon carvings on them.

He turned around with instructions, "Make sure that you don't do anything offensive or make sure you don't bother any of the guests. If they want something, you do it. They are very important people that the emperor is personally receiving. Make sure that you aren't a hindrance." His gaze fell upon Yingyun discreetly. He hoped that the girl wouldn't offend or cause any trouble for anyone in the banquet room.

Yuyu, having managed to come with Yingyun due to the girl's request and monotonous pleads, clung on Yingyun's arm even tighter.

She had noticed the way that the eunuch was giving Yingyun a death-stare, as in telling her to behave. Yuyu remembered how her friend lied for her sake, so she would make sure not to cause her friend any distress at this banquet and not cause her any problems.

The eunuch whispered something to a guard standing near the door and stood back. The guard cleared his throat and announced loudly, "Introducing the ten young women competing to be His Majesty's concubines!" And the tall door suddenly opened and all eyes fell on the young women.

Selin smiled at the guests as though she was already the empress and she was receiving them. She glanced around and her line of vision fell upon a gorgeous man.

He had long, in

lt frozen. Her hold on Yingyun's arm had stilled from fear to the point that Yingyun had begun to realize something was off.

"What's wrong?" Yingyun whispered. She realized that their backs were still straight and they hadn't bowed yet. Yingyun quickly bended her back and pulled Yuyu down with her. She couldn't kowtow because she had never seen what a kowtow looks like, so there was no way for her to imitate it. The mamas had tried to explain to her what to do, but unfortunately, Yingyun just hadn't been able to understand their instructions.

In the end, it was instructed for her to just bend her back and bow. If the mamas were being honest, they had never expected for Yingyun to manage to get so far in the selection.

They couldn't help but wonder if Xue mama was losing her mind and turning senile. By sending such a young woman in front of the emperor, she was taking the risk of allowing danger to befall on all the mamas in charge of training her!


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