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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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She gave a look of pity to Hui mama who could only stare back in confusion. Why was Xue mama giving her a look that seemed like she was bidding her goodbye? Hui mama was still going to stay in the palace... right?

Before anyone could say anything, an eunuch appeared with an impatient look on his face. "Xue mama, " he began, "don't you think you've made the emperor wait long enough at the banquet?"

Xue mama nodded but before any of the one hundred girls could go in, she did what she promised the emperor and sped up the process, allowing only ten girls to go entertain the Son of Heaven. Her girls were Fu Wixue, Ding Yunhua, Wen Songling, Ming Qiqi, Fa Linlan, Mu Rongfei, Wang Selin, Zhou Xin, Xiao Ning, and Qi Yingyun.

When the last name was uttered, the entire room went ballistic, especially Meier. She couldn't believe a defect had actually managed to snatch a spot as one of the top ten. Such a thing was against the will of the heavens and a monstrosity, and she, Jiang Meier, was going to fix it.

Before she could open her mouth to complain, someone else beat her to it, "Xue mama!" Hui mama yelled out in frustration, "Don't you think that it is ridiculous to offer the emperor damaged goods!?"

Her snarling behavior did not affect Xue mama as she ignored her and mumbled for the guards to take her away to be dealt with later. Despite Hui mama screaming out words of profanity toward Yingyun and a little bit toward Xue mama.

The head mama rubbed her forehead because of the incoming headache she knew she was going to have. She glanced around and saw a silent Yingyun with a handprint on her cheek. Xue mama sighed and knew that she would face the fury of the emperor, but wouldn't be condemned to death. Death was reserved for the party respo

Wixue made a mental promise to befriend the girl later and protect the innocent bunny from the slithering snakes.

Before they could follow the eunuch to the banquet, one of the ten girls, Ding Yunhua, started to cough violently. She clutched her neck in pain before falling to the floor and passing out. All the girls screamed in horror as Xue mama ushered for a few guards to pick her up and return her to her room for treatment.

Throughout the chaos, no one saw the victorious smirk on Meier's face.

Changing her happiness to shock, Meier quickly ran in front of Xue mama with tears streaming down her face. "Who could do such a thing to Yunhua! My friend wouldn't want her place to be empty! And neither would the emperor." Her warning was evident to Xue mama as the head mama sighed. "You're right. Jiang Meier, quickly get in her place. Everyone, rearrange yourself to allow Meier to be in the group by status."

The group didn't need much rearrangement as Meier's family status was somewhat similar to Yunhua's. She quickly swooped in the previous girl's place with a content smile on her face. No way was I going to allow these harlots to take what's mine!


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