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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Yingyun nervously fidgeted with the bracelet that Xue mama made her wear. She didn't know what it looked like, but according to the clinking sound and Yuyu's amazement, she knew it was somewhat valuable, especially for a commoner girl.

She sighed as she stood in between two other girls, number eighty-nine, the girl in front of her, she remembered was named Fu Wixue. Yingyun turned around and bumped into the girl behind her by accident. Before she could open her mouth for an apology, the girl began to screech, "Eww! I got touched by it. I'm going to get infected now! Gross!" Her mocking screams were heard by others as they turned around to see what was going on.

Hui mama, the second-in-control after Xue mama, walked in their direction with a strict frown on her face. She questioned the screaming girl, "Jiang Meier what are you doing!?" her words were scolding but Yingyun could hear her doting tone, like Hui mama was appeasing a little girl.

Jiang Meier scowled and squeezed out a few tears, "Hui mama, this abomination purposely bumped into me and tried to make me fall! Hui mama, Meier demands justice!"

Hui mama narrowed her eyes at Yingyun and faint disgust was evident. This disabled girl was already causing trouble for the other girls, she didn't understand why Xue mama decided it was a good idea to allow her to be part of the one hundred. This was another reason that Hui mama believed she was more capable to be the head mama rather than the old snob.

Hui mama would definitely kick out hindrances like this blind trash.

Hui mama crossed her arms and announced, without even giving a chance to Yingyun to justify herself, "Due to obvious attempt to getting rid of competition and trying to put other girls in harms way, " Yingyun smiled self-mockingly as she knew what Hui

ng Xue mama, couldn't help but grin at the head mama's appearance. It seemed like the heavens were with them as they attempted to get rid of the blind girl before she embarrassed them any further.

"Xue mama-" before Hui mama could finish her sentence, a sound echoed in the room. A stinging pain erupted and a red handprint could be seen on Hui mama's cheek. Everyone, including Meier and Wixue, were shocked to see such a brazen action taken by the mama.

Meanwhile Hui mama could not believe that such actions were taken against her, especially by the usual pacifistic Xue mama. Anger swirled inside her chest as she covered her stinging cheek in shame. Knowing she'd get a lecture by Xue mama anyways, Hui mama walked in the direction of Yingyun and slapped her as well.

Everyone was even more shocked at the turn of events, including Xue mama that couldn't react fast enough to stop her. She paled at what the emperor might do and bit her bottom lip. They were screwed!

She gave a look of pity to Hui mama who could only stare back in confusion. Why was Xue mama giving her a look that seemed like she was bidding her goodbye? Hui mama was still going to stay in the palace... right?


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