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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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"Ladies, it's almost time for the banquet, I want you all to be prepared... I will evaluate the ten most eligible and present them to His Majesty, " Xue mama's voice rung out in the girls' ears.

All one hundred girls squealed in either fear or excitement, while one of the girls, Yingyun, sighed in frustration. Despite her clear protests and confusion, Xue mama refused to bulge and had added her on the list for the emperor's banquet.

Once her father, Luowon, had received the news of Yingyun being chosen, he had almost fainted from happiness and relief. He knew that if he ever passed away, he didn't need to worry since his daughter was in good hands. Although people might call him foolish for relying on an emperor, rulers notorious for changing women as quick as they change clothes, Luowon knew that this was the best option for his previous daughter. In reality, he had wanted to join his beloved Su Mi in the heavens long ago, but he had refrained from it as he knew he couldn't abandon their daughter to suffer society's wrath on her own.

If his daughter manages to win the emperor's heart, he will peacefully pass to the next world. That was the promise Luowon made to himself unbeknownst to his daughter, Yingyun. If he knew that his daughter would follow shortly after, never in a million years would the man close his eyes for an eternal slumber...


"My d

finished, she sighed. Luckily the gods were merciful despite taking away her sight. She clearly overshadowed all the other girls in terms of appearance and grace. She, Yingyun, was a beauty capable of downfalls of countries and uprisings.

Xue mama patted Yingyun's back comfortably, "You'll be fine."

By this point, the crying Yingyun had disappeared and emotionless Yingyun was back. As always, she didn't care and she didn't understand what caused her to lose her emotions like beforehand. Thinking about the unknown emperor, a feeling of unrest stirred within her heart. Deep inside her chest, her thumping organ felt like she recognized him, but she knew that was only her silly fantasy.

After all, he was the emperor while she was a mere, blind commoner. Heaven forbids that he had seen her... Yingyun smiled mockingly as she prepared herself for another person to be disgusted with her and her disability...

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