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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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"Yingyun. Her name is Yingyun." Wulong said with a gentle smile on his face. He didn't realize his scowl had disappeared and was replaced with a kinder look, but Xue mama did.

And she was surprised enough to be sweating. She had almost eliminated the girl! Fate was indeed playing with her, since she knew if she did let the girl go, her life would've been forfeited!

"Your Majesty, may this servant know how you and the commoner girl named Yingyun met?" Xue mama asked cautiously.

Wulong was about to open his mouth and answer before he remembered how Yingyun didn't want to bring any trouble for her father. Telling Xue mama that the girl had sneaked off to his private garden was a ticket to disaster.

"Have We always had to answer to you?" Wulong bellowed with his eyes narrowed in anger.

Xue mama paled in fear and began to kowtow in apology. When had she had the power to question an emperor?

"We will forget this mistake since Xue mama has been a decent servant." Wulong said, waving his hand to dismiss Xue mama. "But do not dare to do such a thing to Us again."

Xue mama continued to kowtow in gratitude as she shook from fear. This was the emperor that took lives as he pleased, who was she to even think about asking him about his decisions? Xue mama made a mental promise to never repeat such an action again. She also made sure to remember to be kinder to the blind girl named Yingyun now that she knew the girl was one of the three imperial concubines. And seeing how passionate the emperor was about her, Xue mama wasn't going to be surprised if the girl was chosen to replace the empress, di

yun. She pleasantly asked, "Yes?"

Yingyun was too busy being absorbed in the thought of why to notice what everyone else had noticed—a Xue mama that didn't scream or hiss like she usually does.

The girls glared at Yingyun for the special attention and mocked her underneath their breaths for being sightless.

"Xue mama, was there a mistake?" Yingyun asked nervously. This was the first time in her life that Yingyun felt any emotion in her dead heart. She didn't believe she was decent enough to be picked. She believed she wasn't good enough.

Xue mama shook her head, but remembered the girl couldn't see her, "No, my dear, there is no mistake. You are the ninetieth best, according to my evaluation." Actually, you're in the twenty best, but I didn't want to attract you any unnecessary attention from jealous peers.

Xue mama didn't realize that the wheels of jealousy had already begun to roll as multiple girls began formulating ideas of how to get rid of Yingyun in their minds. Xue mama didn't realize that the blind girl's tragic fate was already beginning...

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