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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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"Great job, ladies." Xue mama complemented, her strict face loosening up a bit. The young women, which ranged from nobles to commoners, bowed while giggling since they managed to get a compliment from the strictest woman they had ever met.

Everyone except for Yingyun. She didn't bother with the compliment since she knew that it was useless. These lessons were useless.

Xue mama noticed her indifferent look and mentally sighed. Out of all the young women here, the blind girl was one of the brightest. Even though she couldn't see what Xue mama was physically teaching, she still took the mama's instructions very seriously.

This made Xue mama admire and pity her so. These lessons might benefit the other young ladies, but Xue mama knew that there was a very slim chance of the girl getting picked. Nonetheless, she wasn't going to discriminate. She was going to continue teaching the young women and stay on neutral territory.

Before Xue mama could instruct anything else, the emperor's personal eunuch, Eunuch Mo, suddenly appeared with an imperial edict from the emperor, himself.

"His Highness wants to see the progress of you ladies, " Eunuch Mo's arrogant voice rang out as he glanced at the ladies like he was above them. "So he has arranged a banquet, where only the best hundred shall go and impress. The hundred will be according to Xue mama's evaluation of how well you're learning your lessons."

hat can We do for you, Xue mama."

Xue mama paused, not knowing how to phrase her words without offending the emperor. If she said one wrong thing, it would be off with her head. She gulped nervously and said, "Your Majesty, may this servant know why you suddenly decided to change the selection."

Wulong tapped his fingers on his throne, bored, and said, "Because We feel that Xue mama will pick the best one hundred. We don't want to waste time. We want to appease the empire by these concubines. We have a specific person in mind as the first one."

Xue mama gasped inaudibly at his last words. His Highness had already picked one out of three concubines? How was that possible? When did His Highness and one of the girls meet?

"M-May t-this servant know w-which one of the girls?" Xue mama stuttered, still overwhelmed by the emperor's words. To her horror, the next words shocked her even more.

"Yingyun. Her name is Yingyun..."

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