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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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"Yingyun? Beautiful name." The man named Long complemented, expecting a blush from Yingyun. In return, she only gave him a blank look and a nod of appreciation.

Yingyun felt awkward with the compliment and said, "Long is a... nice name, too."

The man burst out laughing, "Has anyone ever told you that you're quite awkward when it comes to giving compliments?"

Yingyun shook her head, "No, since I rarely give out any."

Wulong grinned but noticed she couldn't see his smile. He realized that he hadn't been able to laugh so freely in a long time, especially in the presence of another.

This blind stranger easily eased his tense heart and he felt it was especially easy to be himself. There was no way of her knowing who he was and that made it even better. Wulong appreciated that she talked to him so causally and didn't keep a smiling or flirtatious persona like every other female he had met.

Then again, she couldn't see him, so it was understandable.

"I wonder if we can have another chat in the future..." He said aloud, not expecting for her to accept. After all, he was a 'guard' and she was here to impress the emperor. What girl would prefer a guard over the ruler of the empire?

To his surprise, she coldly nodded, "It would be nice to feel the presence of the flowers here, again..."

Wulong prevented a

h felt like he was touching white jade. Silky smooth skin matched with unparalleled beauty. Her glassy, colorless eyes may be seen as a flaw, but to Wulong, they were refreshingly lovely.

And he wanted to see them again.

Yingyun turned around and walked back the path she memorized, leaving the strange man alone in the garden.

Wulong turned his head and saw Yingyun going forward without turning around; he frowned. A plan began to form in his head and his lips tilted upwards.

If she wasn't going to meet him again as a guard, why not let her meet the emperor she was so frightened of?

In that case, she will be able to meet with him without fearing for her father's life.

Wulong chuckled as he decided on one of the total three concubines he was going to have in his harem.

He swiftly walked back and told his personal eunuch to prepare paper and his imperial seal...

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