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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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Narrowing his eyes with suspicion, Wulong grasped his sword and quietly edged closer and closer to the maiden, keeping his steps quiet as to not startle her.

Even though she was born blind, Yingyun had trained her other senses, especially her sense of sound, to be better than the average person. She turned her attention to the sound of the footsteps on the grass.

Wulong didn't expect the beautiful girl to actually be able to tell he was there as she turned her head in his direction. He glared at her and placed his sharp sword on her neck, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Despite the sword at her neck, Yingyun didn't even blink. In fact, she recognized the sharpness that could pierce and kill her immediately, but she didn't care. If she was meant to die then perhaps that is meant to be her fate. She was afraid of causing death for herself, but if someone else caused it to befall upon her, then so be it.

Wulong gave her a frown when he noticed she didn't even flinch. Which maiden wasn't afraid of a sword at their neck? To be more accurate, which maiden wasn't afraid of death?

"How do I know it is safe to tell you? For all I know, you could be a spy in the palace." Yingyun answered calmly, shocking Wulong.

He snickered at her bravery and pushed the sword closer, drawing a bit of blood. "For all I know, you could be the spy. Why are you in the emperor's private garden?"

Yingyun bit her lip at the pain from her neck and clenched her fists. There was no way she was going to show fear, especially to the man in front of her.

"I didn't know... I just wondered around until I stumbled upon the pleasant feel of the nature flowing here."

Wulong lessened the pressure of the sword, but still kept it on her neck. After a few seconds, he asked, "Do you think it is beautiful?"

"I don't know." Three words and Yingyun remembered her dilemma. Her disability that had gotten her scorn and dislike ever since her day of birth.

"What do you mean? Sure it's a bit dark, but you can clearly still see the scenery."

"There lies the problem, I can't see." Wulong froze in shock and grabbed her chin, forcing her entire face to be revealed under the moonlight.

And there they were, eyes as empty as his heart.

"You really are blind..." he mumbled, still a bit shocked.

Yingyun turned her head as to avoid the feeling of being judged.

But she failed as Wulong grabbed her chin again and pulled her closer. Both the youths didn't seem to realize they were so close that the heat of their bodies radiated off of themselves to the point the other could subconsciously feel it.

Yingyun began to squirm a

t the touch of the man that seemed to burn her.

Wulong had never felt his heart beating so fast for being near another woman. Women were only associated with him for political reasons, yet the girl in front of him, a stranger that could be a spy, actually had him craving to pull her closer.

Both occupied in their thoughts, they failed to realize that their red strings of love was already beginning to intertwine. A love that was both passionate and destructive was beginning to form on that silent night.

Yingyun's soft breathing pulled Wulong out of his trance as he pushed her away. "Tell me your identity!"

Yingyun hesitated and avoided his demand, "If this is the emperor's private garden, then there are two possibilities for you—either you are the Son of Heaven, or you are someone that had sneaked here himself."

Wulong smiled at her cleverness and decided to keep his identity to himself. After all, he highly doubted he would ever see her again. "Fine, you caught me."

Yingyun's breath hitched. What if he was the emperor? She didn't care for herself, but she didn't want Yuyu and her father, Luowon, to get in trouble.

"I'm a person that sneaked here to enjoy the tranquility."

"So you're a guard that sneaked away from his duty?"

Wulong chuckled, "Whatever you want to think."

Yingyun sighed when he admitted his identity. She thanked the gods and goddesses for him not being the emperor. If he was the rumored, bloodthirsty emperor, then her head along with her family's head would've been chopped off immediately.

"Now that I've told you my identity, you should tell me yours. What is a blind girl doing in the royal palace?"

Yingyun hesitated and resumed a blank look, "I'm here as one of the girls meant to be offered to the emperor so he could make his three-concubine selections."

Wulong widened his eyes. What a coincidence that one of the girls in the selection was a girl he was meeting right now. But it didn't matter since she couldn't see him and recognize him whenever he does make his three selections.

"What is your name?" He asked her.

Yingyun turned her head in the direction of his voice and said, "You must tell me your, first, before I tell you mine."

Wulong wanted to laugh. This was the first time that anyone had the audacity to refer to him as you and actually get away with their heads still intact. The blind girl in front of him was getting more and more interesting.

"My name is Long." He wasn't going to tell her his real name yet as that would spoil the fun. Why not keep her in the suspense for a bit longer?

Yingyun took a deep breath, "My name is Yingyun..."

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