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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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"What's your name?" Xue mama asked Yingyun.

Yingyun's expressionless face shocked Xue mama but she didn't say anything. How could a young woman look so empty?

"My name is Qi Yingyun." Yingyun's introduction was brief and went straight to the point. She didn't bother to drag it on with pleasantries and try to curry favor with the mama.

Judging by the mama's tone, she was shocked how Yingyun managed to be in the concubine selection.

Yingyun tilted her head in the direction of the sound of Xue mama's voice and gave her an apathetic smile, "Xue mama, you mustn't be too worried for this humble girl from Chu Village will be leaving soon."

Xue mama was speechless. This selection was for the emperor. Sure a bloodthirsty one, but he was the most powerful man in the entire country.

How did she sound so sure that she was leaving soon?

Pity formed its way inside Xue mama's chest and she said, "Miss Qi, the only thing I'm worried about is whether or not you'll be able to catch up while we learn lessons."

"Of course, there will be no problem. As long as my maid stays with me at all times." Though he words came off needy, Yuyu knew Yingyun was only doing it for her protection.

Protection from being taken to join the selection again.

Xue mama nodded but then remembered Yingyun couldn't see her. She cleared her throat and pointed at both of them, "Follow me ladies. I'll guide you to your room."

Yuyu grabbed Yingyun's shoulder and both women followed Xue mama to their room.

Once they arrived, Xue mama strictly confirmed, "First lesson will be at mao (5AM-7AM) hour in the morning. I except you, Miss Qi, to be there on time with the help of your maid."

Yingyun obediently agreed and both girls went inside their small room.

It was a standard sized room for palace maids since the girls in the selection held no official status. At least none yet.

Little did Xue mama, Yuyu, or even Yingyun know that the moment the blind girl stepped inside the room, wheels of destiny began to turn and a new era was beginning to form...


That night, Yingyun couldn't fall asleep no matter how much she tried.

So she got off her bed and f

elt the walls for the door. She knew there were no furniture for her to trip on, but she was still cautious.

Finally, she felt the doorknob and opened it, cold wind sweeping inside.

Her stomach fluttered and she walked forward, making sure to close the door behind her.

Remembering the path that Xue mama guided earlier, Yingyun continued to walk for a while until she smelled the scent of multiple flowers.

She knew she had managed to walk into a garden. But the garden was dead silent except for the sound of her breathing. Yingyun didn't bother to think about the oddity of it and sat down on the grass.

Immediately, she felt calm and she took a deep breath, the scent of nature filling her lungs.

Her emotionless face immediately cracked and she started to sob. In front of everyone, she kept the persona of a walking doll because she didn't want anyone's sympathy.

Even in front of her father, she pretended like it didn't matter. But truly speaking, she hated herself. She hated how she wasn't able to be normal like everyone else and hated how she didn't have the chance to be married and have her own children. No man would want a burden, they'd want a dutiful wife.

No man would want to be near such an invalid.

Many times, the idea of death crossed her mind, but she knew she couldn't. She was afraid.

Yingyun continued to quietly whimper. Her glassy eyes were looking at the night sky, yet her vision was dark like an endless black hole.

Unbeknownst to her, there was a man approaching the exact garden.

His yellow, dragon robe was replaced with a more simpler robe and he didn't have an entourage of servants following behind.

Wulong sighed exhaustedly and continued to walk towards his private garden. It had taken him angry bellows to get rid of his guards and servants, so he could finally have a temporary moment of peace.

He continued to walked but paused when he heard the sound of soft crying.

He hid himself from view and saw a delicate beauty sitting on the grass with her head tilted towards the sky.

Narrowing his eyes with suspicion, Wulong grasped his sword and quietly edged closer and closer to the maiden...

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