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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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"Yingyun, " Yuyu sobbed, gripping the blind girl's shoulder. "I don't like this at all! Yingyun, I was about to get married to Yongshim before this happened!" She complained while Qi Yingyun sat beside her in silence.

"Yuyu, " Yingyun suddenly spoke up, her emotionless voice pausing Yuyu's complaints. "Pretend to be my maid."

Yuyu was about to open her mouth in anger at her friend, but Yingyun's next words silenced her in gratitude.

"Yuyu, you won't be in the selection if we sneak you off as my maid, helping me. That way, you and Yongshim can live happy when we come back."

Yuyu nodded but quickly mumbled an agreement when she remembered her friend didn't see her.

"Wait, " Yuyu suddenly said. "How do you know we'll be back?"

Yingyun's expression did not change and she gave a dull answer, "It's a feeling in my chest." A hollow feeling...

Yuyu didn't say anything else and spent the rest of the time gazing at her friend in amazement as she sat like a statue of a goddess. Even the other girls were starting to take notice, but immediately cringed away in disgust when noticing her glassy eyes and didn't take her seriously, despite her overwhelming beauty.

Meanwhile, a man wearing golden, silky robes with the patterns of dragons embedded sat coldly before the men bowing to him, pleading for mercy.

"Your Majesty!" One of them cried out on grief, "Your servants are sorry for their disobedience. Your servants beg Your Majesty to forgive!"

Han Wulong's expression didn't change to pity or sympathy, it twisted into annoyance as he flicked his wrist, dismissing them. "Off with their heads, then hanged in the capital square to demonstrate what happens to those who betray Our Han Country."

The guards and ministers shuddered at the ruthless, young emperor, but didn't dare utter a word of disagreement. After all, the aura of death loomed over anyone that associated themselves with the emperor. Why would they want to anger him?

Wulong turned his attention to another official, "Are the young women here yet?"

The flustered minister fearfully shook his head, "N-No Your Majesty, "

Wulong banged his fist and pointed accusingly at the minister, "If We found out something happened to them while in your responsibility, even the heavens won't be able to save you."

The minister gulped and bowed his head submissively. In reality, the old man had planned on keeping a few of the pretty ones for himself thinking the emperor wouldn't notice. But judging by the emperor's harsh look, even sneaking one away will be away with his life.

Wulong waved his hand and dismissed the court, releasing his straight posture the moment the door closed. Dealing with the court everyday while maintaining a fearsome facade takes a tole on him.

One wrong move or one wrong expression can spark the idea of rebellion, or so he had learned from watching his siblings and father.

Speaking of his siblings, Wulong looked at the ceiling and chuckled. In the end, it had only been him to survive. Sure he survived with the reputation of a bloodthirsty monster, but survival means anything.

Especially in the royal family...


"Wow!" Yuyu exclaimed loudly as she stared at the majestic palace before them. Enclasped in gold, jade, and a bit of silver, t

he grand scheme of it screamed luxury and extravagance.

Such a sight made all the girls sigh, but quickly shake their heads. Staying in palace seemed wonderful, but who'd ever want to be the concubine of the man that kills without mercy?

Their lives were more precious than their luxury.

But a few of the girls were grinning with greed. After all, this was the palace of the emperor. The most powerful man in the Country of Han...

"It's so pretty!" Yuyu said and began describing it to Yingyun. Anything that Yingyun heard, she mentally used her imagination to try to get a gist of what it looks like. Her imaginations aren't always right, but it was boring just staring off in darkness.

"Ladies!" An old woman loudly yelled to get their attention. "You are all here as an opportunity to be picked for His Majesty. Any mistakes you commit will not only be reflected on you, but will cause your family trouble as well. I advise you to be cautious of what you say and what you do. This is my one and final warning... Those who cannot obey shall suffer on their own. Those who can stay docile will receive my guidance to have a decent time staying in the royal palace." She paused and gave the girls a look of amusement. "Three of you will be extra lucky and picked by His Majesty to live here..."

She didn't bother finishing her sentence since most of the girls knew being picked meant staying forever. And that was a life no one wanted to live through.

"My name is Xue mama, and I am the head mama here in the palace. I and a few other mamas will guide you with lessons of seduction." Majority of the girls blushed in embarrassment but didn't dare voice out their discomfort.

"Now then, " Xue mama eyed the group again, but this time, her vision stopped at Yingyun. She furrowed her eyebrows in curiosity, but quickly moved on.

Yuyu noticed the look and nudged Yingyun with a whisper, "Yingyun, I saw Xue mama giving you a look. I think she'll want to speak with you—"

Yuyu didn't have time to finish her sentence before the mamas dragged the girls away to their rooms. They tried to drag her as well, but she quickly stated she was the helper maid of her mistress, Yingyun.

Though skeptical, the mamas didn't say anything but still insisted on showing Yuyu the room that both of them were going to occupy.

Yuyu held Yingyun's arm but was swiftly stopped by Xue mama's loud voice, "Stop. Both of you."

The old woman walked forward and paused. Now at a closer angle, she confirmed what she was thinking earlier—the girl was blind!

How a blind maiden was part of the selection confused Xue mama, but she didn't dare bring it up to the emperor for fear of his wrath. Honestly, the emperor's temper grew angry at about the mention of anything, so servants were very careful with what they brought up with him.

Xue mama gave Yingyun another look and sighed. Was this fate?

A blind girl getting this far was not a coincidence. In fact, nothing in this world is a coincidence. Xue mama made a decision to try to help the sightless girl in front of her despite knowing she wouldn't be here for long.

And even if there was a chance that she was picked out of hundreds of girls, by that point, Xue mama will have been at least acquainted with the pretty doll.

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