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   Chapter 1 NO.1

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In a field of marigold there stood a young woman gazing at the sky. Her eyes were glassy and colorless and she held onto another young woman for support.

"Is it beautiful?" She mumbled to the girl next to her.

The young woman supporting her shook her head, "It's just the sky, " she said carelessly. "A beauty like you shouldn't worry about these types of things."

Her insensitive words didn't bother the other woman for she had heard them thousands of times by different people.

"Yingyun, " the girl supporting the beauty said. "We should probably get back. Why did you want to view the marigolds anyways? It's not like you can... oh." She covered her mouth in embarrassment and muttered a quiet apology.

Yingyun looked in the direction she smelled the marigolds and whispered, "Marigolds represent resentment, Yuyu."

"Resentment for what, though?" Yuyu asked in curiosity. Her blind friend was always at a different pace than everyone else in terms of philosophy and thinking. In terms of beauty too. But alas she has an inevitable disability that made her so different.

"Resentment at the world for making my fùqīn suffer because of a burden like me." Yingyun said monotonously.

Yuyu frowned and hugged her friend, "I'm sorry."

I am too.


"Father, I am home." As usual, Yingyun's voice held no emotion yet her father, Luowon, stood up and hugged her affectionately. "My sweet daughter, what have you been up to?"

"I went to feel the presence marigolds."

Luowon furrowed his bushy brows, "Marigolds? What ever for?"

"They represent my existence." Luowon immediately knew that her sentence was meant to be said in a negative manner. He sighed and shook his head, "You are my daughter. No matter what, your existence is as golden as the rising sun. As golden as the marigolds."

"Is that how they look?" She dryly mused. "Gold?"

"Very precious just like you." His statement was meant with an empty look that broke his heart.

She didn't reply to him but a loud announcement caught their attention, "All young, unmarried ladies of Chu Village must line up! This is an imperial order!"

Luowon and Yingyun left their little cottage and hurriedly bowed to the imperial eunuch like everyone else present.

The lord of the village walked up and asked politely, "What does His Highness mean by this edict?"

The eunuch gave the girls lined up, Yingyun included, a wicked smile. "His Highness, the new emperor, is in need of new concubines."

All the girls shuddered in fear except for Yingyun. It wasn't because she hadn't heard of the new emperor's bloodthirsty reputation, but that she didn't care. Her life was meaningless so it didn't matter. She didn't matter.

The new emperor of Han was known to be the cruelest emperor yet since he killed all his brothers to get his throne. It was a common occurrence in the royal family, but it's the rumors of the way he killed are why the citizens of Han are so afraid of him and don't dare to rebel.

To be the concubine of such

a man, one didn't know when death would come knocking on their doors. A dangerous name that no one dared to utter the name of.

The eunuch eyed the girls in silence until his gaze landed on Yingyun. He smiled but his gaze quickly turned to disgust when noticing her colorless eyes. He muttered something and announced, "It is an honor for a village as humble as the Village of Chu to offer their daughters. His Highness will personally pick three out of all the total girls offered from each village. If you are not picked, do not fear, for His Highness is magnanimous enough to allow you to go back to wherever you came from."

The girls breathed a sigh of relief in synchronization yet the prettier ones frowned. Nobody thought to look at Yingyun even though she was the most beautiful in their humble village. After all, which emperor, no, which man would pick someone like her?

Yingyun allowed her lips to tilt upwards for a few seconds before turning away, pulling her father's hand back in the direction of their cottage.

The eunuch noticed the duo and blurted out in anger, "What do you think you're doing? Do you think you're above imperial order?"

Luowon shook his head and bowed, "My daughter... she has every right to compete, "

The eunuch noticed the girl being the girl from earlier with the glassy eyes and stunned. Maybe it was better for her to go? There was absolutely no chance of an invalid getting picked for such an important position, but then again, she was a beauty capable of downfalls and uprisings, so allow her to have a chance?

"Please allow me to have a few moments to speak with my daughter in private." Luowon suddenly said.

The eunuch nodded, watching the pretty, invalid girl and man walk off in the direction of the marigold fields.

"Yingyun, "

Yingyun tilted her head upwards and gave her father a blank look. He sighed and plucked a marigold flower, weaving it on her head.

"Marigold, " She mumbled, recognizing the smell. By this point, she had a vague image in her head of what the golden flower looked like. "Why?" One word from her and Luowon cried silent tears.

Yingyun stiffed and moved her hand around until it landed on her father's cheeks. She gently wiped the tears away as silence engulfed them both, with only the gentle breeze sweeping by.

"Yingyun, you deserve this chance every single bit like those other girls. I know he's not the best man with the most bearable reputation, " He paused. "But society has a tendency to brand one the way they perceive not going beneath to perceive the heart."

"Father..." For once, Yingyun's voice wavered, "Yingyun will go. Father, please take care of yourself. Yingyun will be back very soon. We both know Yingyun will not be chosen." Her confidence made Luowon frown as they walked back to the lines of girls.

Who says you might not be chosen? My daughter, I have a premonition that the moment you step in the royal palace, history will change... for the better or worse, will depend all on you.

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