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   Chapter 41 41. Change

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"Never explain-- your friends do not need it and your enemies will do believe you anyway." ~ Elbert Hubbard


Two years later.

Change of scenery, change of familiar surroundings, change mise en scéne was all it took ; was all I needed. Moving on and getting over something or someone are two different things and I seemed to be failing dismally at both.

New York was beyond beautiful a busy city. I liked it here. I liked being close to my family, my brother would baby sit time and again.We would visit my parents every weekend or they would visit us here. Work was hard at first but Derrick was with me throughout the whole way, I could finally say I am the CEO of a legal law firm with plenty of professional lawyers who are always at a client's devoir. I called Richard Le roux every time I had some challenges, he was always willing to listen and assist where ever he could. He had helped me from when I was an intern at his law firm and even now he was still assisting me because he had alot experience. I appreciated all the people that stayed in my life. People who were committed to keeping me into their lives as well.

One of them being Grey, after a year silent treatment, antagonizing animosity, breach of trust breaking, dissatisfaction and the blues ; Grayson and Derrick finally fixed their relationship as father and son. I helped them mend their relationship in anyway that I could see because the fracas between both parties was also taking a toll on me since I considered both of them very important people in my life. Derrick finally accepted his son for who he really is and apologised for hurting him even though he had no knowledge of it. My friendship with Grayson grew rapidly an I trusted him more than anything or anyone he was and is my life line. The twins loved him, he instantly became family with my parents when I invited him last thanks giving although my father didn't like the idea of his sexuality, he didn't judge him or treat him indifferently.

Alma Le roux was initially someone I had always seen as a friend but I soon realised it wasn't the case in her end of the line. She saw me as a naive girl who was obsessed with her brother. With time you realise who was really there for you and who wasn't as well as who tried to pull you down. It didn't take a fool to realise that she had always been the one delivering the news about whatever Angelo did, most of them being things that would hurt me. Angelo's engagement, Yasmine's pregnancy, she always seemed excited to tell me news that would rip of heart from my chest and cause me pain. That certainly wasn't a friend. I distanced myself from her over these two years. I congratulated her when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, I said happy birthday to her, i said merry Christmas, i said Happy thanks giving, she said Happy new year ; that's how it was. We didn't have a proper conversation, we just had one of those forced conversations whereby she would pretend she cared about me and ask how i was doing or if I had found a man...typica

caught off guard so I nearly dropped it but thankfully I placed it on the kitchen island. Walking towards the door, i hesitantly opened without checking the peep hole. My heart instantly started pumping faster, it seemed like it hadn't done that in years or maybe i was just getting paranoid.

He looked so different, if not more handsome with his defined cheekbones that had a bit of stubble. His neatly combed jet black hair, always been tall but now his chest was much broader.. had he been working out. Even from under the suit you could see his defined muscles. He always looked magnificent in a suit but now he seemed more matured. His forest green eyes met mine and I held my breath. Why was I feeling like this. The warmth between my thighs was intense, it had been long since I last-

"Hi Raina." He took me out of my daze. It sounded as if I had not heard his voice in years..ofcause you hadn't dummy.

"Uhm hey Angelo, how are you ?" I looked the door a little wider for him.

"I'm fine thanks, i hope you don't mind me arriving unannounced, i was here first business and I just thought why not spend this year's twins birthday with them." He gave me a smile that seemed to boil my insides. Nothing had changed, he was still the same Angelo just more natured in so many ways.

"Uh- you are right on time. We were about to cut the cake." I said with haste. It had been years and I just didn't know how to act around him.

This is still the same man whom you used to suck off so act normal because you both have been way too comfortable together. - my conscious mocked me.

The kids were already set around the huge table, thankfully Cathy had already done my part by adding the cake to the table. This wasn't a huge party there were just fourteen kids from the twins school and some from church.

"Follow me." I told him taking ahold of his huge gifts, my fingers slightly grazed and electric shocks seemed to travel both our bodies.

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