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   Chapter 38 38. Compensation

Baby Daddy Facade By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5564

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"A man inlove is incomplete until he is married the end he's finished." ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor.


Angelo Le roux.

"I wonder if it's a little girl or boy ?" My fiancée said rubbing her invisible baby bumb.

Frankly I do no care because I already have a little boy and girl. My mind replied in my head, ofcause i would not say that out loud.

"Whatever gender, I'm happy with it." I mumbled parking I'm the driveway for the wedding dresses shop, i wasn't getting...she insisted she couldn't drive herself because her feet were swollen and she couldn't do much since the pregnancy.

"Now now baby you are going to ruin mommy's wedding dress, that's why we need to get married soon before you start showing...right daddy ?" She was speaking while running her belly then she turned to me and I gulped down not knowing what to say. The wedding was already a week away and I just couldn't find my happiness, i was just getting cold feet or rather another person had already claimed my heart and happiness.

"Tell me when I should pick you up okay ?" I said giving her a perk on the cheek and she nodded. This was an unbelievable sight, who ever thought that Yasmine Bruyne would be this happy to have a child. I wasn't buying it or maybe i just needed a reason to get out of this mediocre alliance.

As soon as she went out of my car, i waited until she got in the shop before driving off. I knew exactly where I needed to be. I had not seen my kids in about two months which wasn't entirely my fault things had been hectic. I knew damn right Raina would yell at me and hell, i was ready for it as long as she would forgive me. It didn't matter. I was out of the c

n a good note.

Marita Vega, the Spanish brunette will do but last time we hooked up she said she was out of the country.

Luba Manakova, the Russian beauty had recently got engaged but that wouldn't stop me. Argh I wasn't certainly not in the mood to deal with the press right now.

Tara Wilkins, this black American Beauty would do but last time we hooked up, she left me with two bruises on both my cheeks.

Raina Williams, the innocent virgin who just left me with blue balls.

The list was endless but they all had a reason for never wanting to see me again. I had broken hearts but it wasn't a big deal in my case. A cold shower would have to do for tonight, i guess.

*End of Flashback*

Raina deserved better than the arsehole I am. I found myself hitting my head on the starring wheel continuously, i knew as soon as i got I'm there. Hell would break loose and swallow me. This was the right thing to do only it was a few months later. Ashton must have been mad. I didn't even have a gift with me to compensate for being one of a better English word 'a shitty father'.

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