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   Chapter 37 37. Dolce and Gabbana

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"The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands." ~ Alexandra Penney


Raina Williams.

I had not seen Angelo for a while now, neither had the twins. I understood that he had other things to do like the wedding and taking care of his pregnant fiancée. What hurt the most is that he would be doing all the things for her that he never did for me. He deprived me off that joy. He deprived me of that happiness but he will give her that and all his attention. I had to go with my parents for all or rather most of my appointments, my swollen feet- he will be massaging Yasmine whenever she requests of it. I made it without him, i don't need him. I can take care of my kids and nothing else will matter. The way Ashton was so hurt a week back, it broke my heart. He promised to take him out the very next day with Ashley but later canceled, he said he was caught up with something.

"Raina ?" Derrick brought me back to daylight. Dressed in his black armani sleek suit and a white shirt, he seemed to look like the Derrick we all know from the magazines.

"Derrick, I'm so sorry.." I blinked quite a bit. "Please take a seat ?" I offered.

"You can't be this distracted when we have an upcoming day in court." He made a friendly remark or rather a friendly reminder.

"No no no certainly not." I pryed.

"Well then I hope you are ready, after our meeting for the last couple of days you should be." He said in an arrogant tone.

"If you have told me everything that I need to know then I guess I can work with that." I prised on his conscience to open up. I knew he had told me everything that I needed to know, i just wanted to be sure so that I don't look like an absolute fool in court.

"I have paid for Eric Winters funeral, infact I have even paid his family an amount onto make them stable for a life time." Derrick muttered.

"Yes, I'm well aware but you have to understand you took away their twenty-nine year old son. Money isn't going to do it. They might have taken your offer but they still want you in jail." I explained and

bandoned them while they were alive infact the minute he knew they existed, he wanted them gone.

"Grayson Collins, i am still your father so don't you dare speak to like that." Derrick said frankly frustrated by Grayson's attitude while on the other hand Gray was fuming with anger, his eyes crimson. This was indeed a touchy subject that I did not want to intervene in.

"Well father I hope you end up in prison where you belong and i will gladly throw you and your Filipino girl friend an extravaganza wedding. We will see if she even wants you by then because it's likely she won't and you know what else I'm gay." Grayson smirked at his father's shocked fret expression.

"What did you say ?" Derrick asked slowly.

"I'm gay and you would be certainly aware of it, if you didn't ship me off to a boarding school in Australia miles and miles away and alone after my mother's death." He said in haughty but rather fret tone.

"I'm leaving speak to me when you are in your right mind." Derrick flounced out of my office without another word. He seemed shocked, he seemed taken aback, he seemed hurt beyond anything, he seemed to have regrets that had no solutions, it seemed his past was following him.

"Atleast now you can wear dolce and Gabbana without him questioning why ?" I mumbled and Gray gave me a toothy smile before pulling me in for a hug.

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