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   Chapter 36 36. New Priorities

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"A man is halfway in love with a woman who listens to him." ~ Brendan Francis.


Angelo Le roux.


Yasmine and I had been avoiding each other for days, residing in the same home didn't make it easy. I knew she wanted to me apologise but I was also waiting for her apology. She didn't treat Raina with the respect that she deserved. Speaking of Raina Williams I had not laid my eyes on her ever since a month back when the chaos occurred back at my parents home.

"Yasmine, we need to talk." I sat across her as she painted her nails.

"Yes, we do." She murmured closing to the cap of the nail Polish bottle.

"Yasmine-i-i-i-" I was ready to break this wedding off, i couldn't marry someone whom made me more stressed than anything. I thought she was the one but no I was wrong.. it was just infatuation for the moment and the sooner I had realised it the better.

"I'm pregnant." She whispered. "Angelo, I'm pregnant." She repeated. I was shocked beyond shocked. It definitely wasn't joy, i couldn't be having a third child. I just wasn't ready.

"No-" i abruptly stood up. I had been careful with Yasmine, i know i had. She was obviously trying to test me.

"Angelo you are going to be a father, again. I see how much you love the twins and how good you are to them." She was beside me, her hand gently massaging my shoulder. I couldn't think straight this had to be a joke, i wasn't ready for another child but I wasn't going to put her through what I put Raina through. I wasn't going to tell her to remove it. I wasn't going to leave her helpless. I wasn't- i had to man up atleast be there for this child.

"Angelo ?" She brought me out of my daze.

"That's wonderful." Ofcause the words tasted somber coming out of my mouth. It seemed like this was the first time a woman had told me these words before.

*End of Flashback*

Here I was standing a two months after in front of my own reflection in a tuxedo. "This one looks good right ?" Brad asked behind me fixing his bow tie and I gave a firm nod.

"Don't sulk Angie.." Brad said the last part in a thick British accent.

"I don't really care whatever suit, i wed in. What time is it ?" I asked Brad.

"Almost four pm." He said looking at his wr

eymar ?" She questioned her blue eyes glistening with innocence and her blonde hair making her look even more beautiful like an angel.

"Girls are dump." Ashton muttered under his breath, i didn't want to scold him because I knew this was him taking out his anger on his sister because his father didn't show up to his first match. He certainly has other priorities now and I shouldn't bother him.


"I'm so jealous, Raina." Alma said rubbing her baby bumb.

"Why? ain't you happy to be having a new born baby soon." I asked.

"Well Angelo and Yasmine are also having a baby.." she muttered under her breath and I almost chocked on my saliva.

"OH-" I gave a small smile. Angelo and I had not held a proper conversation with each other for over two weeks so I wasn't surprised. My worst fear was that my babies would easily be replaced because as much as Angelo lives the twins he doesn't love me but imagine how much he will love Yasmine's child since he already lives her.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-" She pouted realising what she had done.

"No Alma, it's fine. I'm honestly happy for them nothing is more beautiful than having a child of your own trust me, I'm aware of that. I might not be on good terms with them but I have nothing against their child, the twins potential brother or sister." I said in a mutual tone.

"Wow atleast you are taking it lightly."

*End of Flashback*

Angelo has new priorities, i was well aware of that.

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