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   Chapter 35 35. Vomiting words and Assaults

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Updated: 2018-05-15 12:27

"At the Centre of nonviolence stands the principle of love." ~ Martin King Luther Jr.


Angelo Le roux.

"Yaya stop." I said turning away from her. "Remember you said you wanted to wait for our wedding night." I added but the truth is, I didn't feel aroused, i didn't want to sleep with her.

"I know, it's just-" she pouted climbing off me.

"It's okay." I gave her an assuring smile. I didn't understand why it took a long time for my dick to stand up whenever I was with her but it didn't even take a second whenever I was with Raina. Even if she had not touched me, her voice sent electric shocks into my body.

"We need to get going my mom said we should be there by five pm." I stood up while checking my wrist watch. She immediately frowned. "Babe your mom is kind of boring, you would rather hang out with her than have fun here with me ?" She said batting her eyelashes flirtatiously.

"Yasmine, she is my mom. I don't know what went down with your parents but I adore mine." She wasn't even inviting her parents to the wedding and that said alot abkut their relationship. I let out an exasperated sigh. "Are you coming or what ?" I questioned.

"I don't even have an outfit." She whined and I mentally rolled my eyes, i was getting sick of her and I didn't want to. I wanted to convince myself that all couples go through this before their wedding. All couples start showing their true colors before the wedding day.

"It's just dinner with my parents and Brad, you don't need an outfit for that." I felt like I was talking to my teenage daughter.

"It's just dinner with my parents nywe nywe nywe..." she mimicked my voice. "ANGELO YOU DON'T GET ME, I'M NOT RAINA WHO JUST WAKES UP AND DRESSES UP IN ANY SHITTY CLOTHING. I HAVE CLASS, ISN'T THAT WHY YOU CHOOSE ME OVER YOUR FUCK BUDDY FOR YEARS ?" She yelled waving her arms in all sorts of way that just aggravated me even more.

"Why does this even have anything to do with Raina ?" I asked her, my voice becoming deeper because I was on the verge of losing my shit.


ger my bridesmaid and as far as I'm concerned you are not invited to my wedding and I don't ever want to see you near my husband unless you are bringing your filthy kids-" i immediately clapped her left cheek.

"Call me a hoe, a slut whatever you want but don't you dare talk about my kids like that. You can have Angelo, he is all yours does he look like someone who is into smart Brunettes with a proper career, no he is into dump blondes like you so congratulations you won even though it was wasnt a competition." I continued walking away and I wasn't going to leave my kids with this witch.

"I'm going to charge you with assault." She said with her hand on her left cheek.

"Go ahead, the law is something I work with everyday so good luck." I smirked and I think I saw Richard smile and Martha as if they were proud of me. Brad wanted to burst into tears from laughter.

"I'm just going to leave with Raina." Brad said awkwardly.

"Angelo you are just going to let her get away with it ?" She looked at him.

"Yaya, you need to calm down." Angelo said in an aggravated tone.

I went to get my kids and immediately left while reversing out of the driveway. "Mom, I'm proud of you." Ashton grinned. "You beat the witch." Ashley giggled in the back seat. At that moment I knew this was something I should have done a long time. It felt good to be in control.

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