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   Chapter 32 32. We were in love

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"We loved with a love that was more than love." - Edgar Allan Poe


"Don't worry about it, Gray." I sighed.

"No when I come back, I'm throwing you a huge party." He exclaimed.

"Parties are definitely not my thing but thanks for the red wine. You know I'm a sucker for it." The bottle was almost half empty and I couldn't stop drinking. It's my birthday, i should spoil myself. Especially even my kids are sleeping then it's okay.

"Pleasure Queen. Let me get going...kisses."

"Bye." I slumped myself on the couch with now drinking straight from the bottle. Suddenly someone was at the door, just great! it's fucking eleven pm shesh can't i get some peace.

In my bootyshorts and a big t-shirt, i marched up to the door. It was getting kind of my blurry but whatever. Opening the door it was Angelo in his glory, looking handsome in his black armani suit. Like why did he seemed to get handsome each and every fucking day. His chin with tiny stubble, it made him really handsome.

"I know I'm not the person you want to see right now but Happy Birthday." He gave me a cheeky smile and somehow I saw myself smiling.

"Thanks now you may go home." I said rudely probably the alcohol giving me a boost of confidence. He's eyes swept off from my legs to my eyes.

"I know you want to get rid of me so fast, is your boyfriend there ?" He smirked and I felt like smacking him for everytime he has ever broke my heart.

"No my 'boyfriend' is not here." I made emphasis on the word boyfriend. Suddenly from the back, he brought out a black box, it looked so extravagant and on top it was written Happy Birthday Raina in bold italics.

"I hope you like it." He said not sure of what to say. I opened the door wider so he could come in, i could hear his footsteps following right behind until I sat on the couch. Opening it, my heart shuddered probably the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. It had a small crown with tiny diamonds shaping it's structure. No

ead me on because he wants to get me into bed.

"You are cute when nervous, Lola." He chuckled kissing my temple as he grabbed his blazer towering over my body. I bit my lip, trying to calm myself.

"Don't do that Lola, unless you want me to take you on four right here on the carpet. You know old habits die hard." He smirked and I felt my cheeks redden remembering how he would always take me on four in his office until my knees were red from the friction of the carpet. I promised Grayson that I would never allow him to touch me and I was going to stick to it. Even though I was about to give in.. that's what happens when you haven't been laid in months.

- sexual frustration.

"Don't forget your present." I handed him the box.

"Keep it." He said with a solemn expression.

"Give it to your fiancée or donate to an orphanage or something..." I suggested trying to forget everything that had just happened.

"You wound me, Raina." He faked being heartbroken.

"Whatever Angelo, FYI your acting skills are non-existent." I said walking him towards the door.

"I will be sure to practice Ma'am." He said sarcastically.

"Bye." I banged the door as soon as he was out the door.

- drinking too much one does this to you, no more wine.

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