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   Chapter 28 28. Love Rosie

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"There is no disguise which can hide love for long as where it exists or stimulate it where it does not." - Francois, Duc de la Rochefoucauld


"Mommy ?" I turned to look at Ashton who was seated beside me with a ton of ice cream. Argh I know I'm such a horrible mother.

"Yes sweety ?" I said taking a mouthful of ice cream. I did this everyday, watch movies with my kids even after curfew.

"Love Rosie is like you and Daddy." Ashton said and I was speechless.

{ love rosie }

"Mommy will be like Rosy at the wedding for Daddy." Ashley added and honestly I didn't know how soon to be six year old could analyze such things infact it scared the crap out of me.

"Uh-" Suddenly there was a knock on the front door, good lord I was thankful for that. Dressed in my tights and a tank top with my comfortable bunny shoes. I rose from the couch walking towards the door.

"Thanks Gray-" i was quick to say as I opened the door ; it was infact Angelo. What was he doing here at ten pm?

"Well now I feel bad because I ruined your surprise?" He said with a cheeky smile as soon as he tried to make eye contact I looked away.

"Oh I'm sorry. I just thought you were taking the twins next weekend." I opened the door wider so he could get in. His eyes were glued to my body and I honestly felt uncomfortably insecure. I have kids, imagine the stretch marks, i am fighting from my thighs of to butt cheeks.

"I was close by and I really missed my babies." He murmured and I nodded.

"Uhm okay." I looked away from his green orbs, i think he noticed my trying to get away from him. I had only last seen him last week in Richard's office and honestly that was so awkward. If I could ask to never see him again, I would but he is the father of my kids. I made my bed now I must lie on it.

"Daddy Daddy." I heard my kids say from the dinning room, i could only imagine how happy they are to see him.

"Hey little man and Princess, what are you doing ?" Angelo asked.

"Watching mommy's favourite movie." Ashton replied with a smart mouth. I knew they like this movie as much as i did. After all it was the movie I cried my eyes with when I got pregnant and

butt. He turned me to face him and kissed me with so much emotion.

Looking around we noticed a guy not far from us beating his meat and right there and there I knew someone had been watching. "Let's leave, i promise we will finish this movie again." He entwined our hands and I giddily smiled because I was inlove with him.

*End of flashback*

"Have you both watched it before ?" He asked the twins, his eyes desperately trying to find mine.

"Yes lots of times." Ashton replied confidently, he gets it from his dad.

"Mommy said she used to play it for us when we were in the stomach." Ashley added and it was really cute because two of her front teeth were missing.

"Ah that sucks. I promised someone that I would finish it with them." He said he's gaze looking at mine but I didn't allow it took meet mine.

"Uhm I'm going to shower, kids why don't you finish the movie with your dad ?" I suggested walking away quickly. I heard the twins cheer.

"Mommy can we have more lasagna, while we watch the movie ?" I heard Ashton yell as I closed the bathroom door locking it behind me.

"Uh yeah sure." I yelled back. I hated these stupid memories they just made me want to throw up because God I was such a fool. A big fool, the funny part is Angelo hated lasagna ever since he was a kid but when he tasted my cooking he instantly loved it. The irony.

I just need a warm bath to erase these filthy memories.

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