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   Chapter 25 25. European ladies

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"In a great romance, each person plays a part the other really likes." - Elizabeth Ashley.


"So I really want this wedding to happen as soon as possible, that's why it will be happening in a month." Yaya explained while sipping on her cocktail.

She had invited all her bridesmaids to meet for lunch and the only person I knew around this table was Alma the other three ; no idea.

"Oh right, Alma and Raina this is Leentje Timmermans my childhood bestfriend, we met in highschool back in Amsterdam." She pointed at the woman who sat beside me with big cold narrow gray eyes, strawberry blonde hair in waves and had a meaningful tattoo on her neck.

"Nice to meet you Alma and Raina I wouldn't say the same." She spoke in a thick Dutch accent filled with vernom and I flinched in my seat.

"She is my maid of Honour." Yaya added.

"Over there is Linda Freisler, she from Germany you must know her collections...we met at a fashion show in Cologne and we have been close friends ever since." She pointed at the woman who beside Leentje with a sophisticated solemn expression. She had deep set blue eyes tousled auburn hair with a nose ring.

"Alma and Raina, Guten dag." She said in a nonchalant tone. I furrowed my eyebrows because I didn't understand what the hell she was saying but Alma replied without hesitance, her stomach was now showing just a bit considering she was four months pregnant.

"Over there is Antoinetta Ravn, a good friend of my mine. She is South Africa but we went to the same Fashion school in Amsterdam back in Netherlands." She pointed at the woman who sat right beside me, i had thought she was African-American from her caramel tanned complexion. She had warm eyes, her black


"This is my wedding and I want her to stay so treat her well." She summoned and they all gave me distasteful looks.

"Fine, but I will speak Dutch or German when it suits me even if she is here or not." Linda added.

"Damn right." Leentje sneered at me.

"I'm sure you have Google translater on your phone." Antoinetta said sarcastically making Leentje and Linda laugh.

"I think Yaya will be a good Samaritan and translate." Linda added as they laughed.

"I tried being nice but this is just bullshit. Yaya wants me in her wedding so if you have a problem with it please shove it up your Dutch or German throats because I won't sit here while you insult me. You will just have to tolerate me because I'm not going anywhere until Yaya says it herself. Right Yaya ?" I turned to Yasmine.

"Exactly." She replied. Alma just pretended to be on her phone the whole time. "Now let's talk about what we are here for.."

I heard Leentje, Linda and Antoinetta muttered incoherent sounds among themselves like I care. I won't let Angelo step all over me then Angelo's fiancée then Angelo's fiancée's friends like hell..

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