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   Chapter 23 23. Your father

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"Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love until he's owned a dog. He can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes." - Anonymous.


"You haven't said much about your trip ?" Grayson muttered as he made himself comfortable in my office.

"Erm it was great." I bit my pen, thinking about my upcoming case with Derrick.

"I meant your meeting with Angelo a week ago..." He grimaced eagerly.

"Oh that." I shrugged my shoulders. "We just sort out our differences." I sighed. I don't know why talking about him made me feel tired.

"I swear that guy has it out for you." He added sitting with one leg on top of the other.

"What do you mean ?" I said feeling more than confused.

"Isn't it obvious, well I'm a guy and I can tell."

"I'm confused."

"He likes you." Gray muttered making me laugh hysterically.

"Right." I curtly replied not minding whatever he was about to say.

"Well maybe he doesn't like you but there is something between the two of you. The way he looked at you when we were at the airport gave me the wrong idea about this whole situation." He grumbled typing on his silver iPhone.

"Angelo is like that, he enjoys fooling people especially people like me. He will convince you that he likes you then boom !--" i smiled absent-minded atleast I didn't like him anymore.

"Not that babe like seriously the way he looks at you makes me have second thoughts." He suggested.

"I don't care really, don't mind him.." I shrugged.

"You still up for being a bridesmaid ?" He smirked.

"Yes, trust me I'm not going to be some ex or whatever who will sabotage their beautiful ceremony."

"You would be doing Angelo a favour from my own perspective, he looks like he doesn't know what the fuck he is

re...he doesn't have much family or friends but he holds you on a high position." I paused. " When he got arrest, he called me and told me that he was scared about how you would see him from there onwards. He didn't care about the press or the world or the investors...he cared more about your opinion."

He was silent as if trying to register what I had just said to him.

"Really ?" He raised his head to look at me with those blue eyes. Tears wailed under them. I stood up walking around my mahogany table to go give him a hug. He needed it. He stood up still towering over me, he embraced me in a hug and I instantly hugged him back.

"You are my best friend, you know ?" He laughed while wiping tears from his eyes. I always thought Alma was my best friend but frankly all she does is hurt my feelings so she isn't. "You are mine too." I smiled and hugged him again.

The door flipped open revealing Angelo, i instantly pulled back. He looked stunned but why would he? he knows Gray is my supposed boyfriend. Gray stood there in a black Louis Vuitton suit and Angelo in a charcoal armani suit. The tension was tense even with my four inches high heels they both towered over me.

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