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   Chapter 22 22. Bradley Murray

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"There is only one happiness in life : to love and be loved." ~ George Sand



"I can't seem to believe it, I'm gone for what? a year and I come back to this surprise." Brad said in his deep British accent. He had always been one person I could confide in, we met when in London during my college days.

"Yeah Yeah." I lazily replied. He had changed alot from having a pale complexion with lots of acne, that was college I guess but he had always been tall now he was well built with his messy blonde hair and brown eyes. He had definitely learned a lot from me.

"Actually I'm glad you are here because who would be my best man..?" I grinned looking at his shocked expression, one thing about Brad was he was always a softy. We are opposites, we have always been opposites but I guess that's what made our friendship stronger and stable than any other. Ofcause I had always been the cool good looking one but it didn't matter. Brad came from a middle class family in London, i usually loved spending more time in his home town Manchester than going back to my own Netherlands. It was something that really annoyed my parents.

"Really? Are you bloody serious right now ?" Brad gasped but quickly gulped down his whisky.

"Bloody Serious." I mimicked his accent.

"Well-" He paused. "I mean it would be an Honour Angie Manjie buddy."

"Don't start with that." I warned with an amusing face, i hated that nickname his mom always called me that...oh may her soul rest in peace. She died four years ago from cancer.

"I will never stop calling you that seeing as it annoys you." He chuckled, we were in his hotel room of cause I insisted he stayed at the pent house as a guest but Yaya had other thoughts.

"So this is it buddy you are all grown up now." He said sadl


"Why did you have to say law ?" I frowned.

"My bad, that just came to mind first but Doctor, Accountant, Businessman like myself." He said proudly. I nodded, i knew he didn't mean to use Law as an example it had just been am honest coincidence that he used law and my baby mama is a lawyer. Brad had his very own import and export business in London, so he was a successful business man like myself.

"How's that going ?" I changed the subject.

"It's going great. I was actually here to discuss a few things with Derrick Collins." He said proudly.

"Derrick Collins as in the murder ?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Yes, Well no his son will be talking over so we won't have to worry about that. Hopefully he has one hell of a good lawyer to get out of that bloody mess."Brad mumbled shaking his head slowly.

"He does actually." I said out loud.

"Really ?" He asked looking interested.

"Yeah, it's Raina."

"What? Wow are you serious, no you are kidding I know it." He grimaced. When I didn't respond he chuckled in disbelief. "Wow Uhm what a small world, now that's what you call career driven."

"If you say so." I weakly smiled raising my glass.

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