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   Chapter 19 19. Paris

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"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell." ~ Joan Crawford



"YES YES YES YES, i will marry you Angelo." She practically yelled, as I slipped the 5 carat diamondringon her finger. She immediately hugged me, I was glad she liked it. It was Alma's choice and the booking of the whole restaurant too. I'm not the most romantic guy out here but for Yaya I was willing to put in the work. She immediately smashed her lips onto mine...pulling back a few minutes later. This was it this is what I wanted...Yasmine is who I have always wanted.

I pulled the chair for her so she could sit like the gentleman, i am. She couldn't stop looking at the ring like it was perfection, i guess Alma knows her best. "I have to tweet this before they hear it from other sources." She gasped stretching out her hand so she could see how it looked on her from a distance. "No, don't make it public." I suddenly said in a panicked voice. The waiter then arrived with the champagne, i patiently waiting for him to go away and when he did..

"If it's not public then who will attend the wedding.." she said sarcastically.

"Well I wanted this to be private and intimate." I added sipping on my champagne.

"What ?! Babe you have to understand that I am one of the Top Designers World Wide and you one of the most respected businessman around. People are going to except a big wedding and most of all everyone will want to see my dress." She grimaced then I remembered my mother's comment when I told her about my plans.

"Ofcause she will say yes, Angelo. You would make a good sponsor for her extravaganza spending and you would make a nice mannequin to accompany her to fashion shows."

I listened to her talking about the weeding plans from the flowers to the decor. She looked happy and I liked seeing her happy. I lover Yasmine and if she wants a huge wedding then we will have a huge wedding. The dinner went quite well, she was more excited than I was maybe all groom

Ohio doesn't really have this..." She grinned before standing on her tippy toes to kiss me, i loved the innocence in her voice.

"I'm glad you like it." I muttered putting my hands around her slim waist.

"I love it and I will never forget this." She looked excited and it made me excited. She abruptly turned around..."Angelo ?"

"Lola ?" I replied looking at her beautuful hazel brown orbs that were now filled with worry.

"Do you take every girl you sleep with to Paris ?" She asked nervously. I couldn't reply or deny the truth, i always brought all the girls I fuck to some exotic place just to ease my conscience.

"It's getting chilly we should probably get back to the hotel." I said pulling her small curvy frame close to myou chest. She smiled weakly then pulled away from my grip and began walking forward. I felt bad because I was using her and we both knew it. I felt bad for depriving her if a relationship but I am not to blame. She knew from the first finger fuck that we would only be fuck buddies. I was out of her league, i dated models and so on not my father's interns. This is for the best.

*End of Flashback*

I was engaged to be married to Yasmine Bruyne, i needed to stop having these thoughts so I opened my laptop and started working drowning my myself from reality because I was not ready for it.

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