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   Chapter 15 15. Failed Chivalry Class.

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"I'm tired of love; I'm still more tired of rhyme; but money gives me Pleasure all the time." ~ Hilaire Belloc



"He has some nerve." Grayson spat without remorse while pouring a glass of red wine for us both. Instead of clubbing we decided to stay at my apartment because he noticed how sad I was. In fact I don't know how to feel about it everything.

"I just wanna go home Gray." I sighed. "I need to be with my parents and my brother." I said absent-minded. Gray handed me a glass as he sat next to me on the leather couch. "You have a very funny way of dealing with stress and anxiety my dear Raina." He sipped on his wine. He looked so carefree, i guess our relationship went from Lawyer and Clients son to close friends after he told me he was gay. I can not believe I was even begining to think maybe something could happen between us.

It's good those thoughts didn't go too far.

"Shut up, Gray." I playfully hit his chest making him pout.

"No don't mind me... I'm just saying, you need to go to Ohio and think about this and everything..."

"His getting engaged." I added emptying the contents on my glass, i needed that.

"Raina, you need to get over him. Please girl...this relationship is so unhealthy."

"I know--"

"So why do you let everything he does affect you ?"

"Uhm-uh-well.." I mumbled.

"Babe it's time you moved on. This time for real and that means no absolutely no sleeping with him. He is using your Raina, he is a manipulative bastard, okay ?"

The truth hurts.

"Uhm yes." I snirveled as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"For once let yourself cry, let it out. You cry, let it out and move on." He said pul

WORLD. I WILL TEACH ASHTON TO BE A GENTLEMAN NEVER TO BE LIKE HIS FATHER. HE PROBABLY FAILED AT CHIVALRY CLASS." I stammered falling on my butt but luckily the wine bottle didn't break.

"Chivalry class, good one Raina." Gray laughed.

"Okay whatever but you know what i mean smarty pants." I giggled throwing a cushion his way.

"Yeah get up." Gray murmured helping me up from the floor. "You have had enough of this..." He took the wine bottle away from me making me whine.

"Remember you have an early flight to Ohio the place of fixing Raina's broken hearts."

"Shut up." I snarled.

"No worries I will sleep over I can drive you to the airport." He smiled. " I got an A+ in Chivalry class. "

"Stop making fun of me." I frowned like a kid crossing my arms.

"I'm not making fun of you."

"You are."




"Fine, Mrs. Chivalry." He said making us both laugh. He had a way of making me feel better, my life revolved around Angelo my best friend was his sister, i guess Gray was the only person who wasn't attached to the Le Roux family.

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