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   Chapter 14 14. Homesick or Lovesick

Baby Daddy Facade By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6031

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"My father always told me, Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." ~ Jim Fox



"Derrick Collin's is not guilty because everyone is innocent till proven guilty..." I muttered to myself as i was planning my testimonial speech as his lawyer. For the past week i had drowned myself with more and more work because i didn't want to think about it. In a swift moment of aggravation i crumpled the paper and threw it anywhere it landed in my office. What's wrong with me why am I being fazed by this? If Angelo of wants to marry Yaya he can marry her. What I need right now is the weekend off with my babies. Ashton and Ashley are my pride and joy.

"Nadia ?" I called with my office landline.

"Yes, Miss. Williams..?"

"Can you schedule my meetings for Monday."

"Yes but is everything's just you never take a day off from your court cases."

"I just miss my family that's all. Can you book three business class tickets to Ohio as soon as possible." I said slumping into my seat.

"Okay Miss-"

"Just Raina, Nadia."

"Okay Raina." I immediately set the phone down. I had to pick my the twins and tell Maya to pack clothes for the weekend. I missed my little brother Kyle he is eighteen now and soon he will be attending Colombia University of New York. I guess I was homesick I just wanted to be with my mom. I left the office and went to Park town to pick my the twins, they had recently started school. I can't believe it, they were just babies and couldn't even walk now they are in school.

When I parked my car at the visitor's parking, i couldn't believe it. I didn't want to see him why is he here...

Because his their father.

I got out of my car, straightening my skirt. I walked towards where Angelo stood with Ashton and As

gelo and speaking like that should stop considering

You are in a relationship." I said taking a breath.

"You are right." He said in a frustrated strained voice. Well I wasn't expecting that but it's okay.

"Yes, I am." I faked a smile.

Suddenly Grayson called making me silently thanked him from saving me from this awkwardness. "Gray ?" I picked up the phone looking at the other direction.

"Hey, it's Friday wanna hang out? If you are babysitting or work then I'm bringing the fun to you." He said enthusiastically making me smile, my mood could use an enlightenment.

"Uhm yes, Angelo is taking the twins so I will be there." I smiled.

"Perfectly see you at Seven." He said excitedly, i could literally picture him all happy with a toothy smile.

"Sure." I hanged up the phone finding Angelo still in the very same spot but only fuming with anger.

"Boyfriend?" He asked.

"I have to leave besides don't make Yaya wait too long. Whatever it is we will talk about it another time." I genuinely smiled.

"Uhm yeah. Bye." He awkward walked aways, not knowing if we should hug or do a handshake.

"BYE. " I muttered more to myself as i opened the car door.

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