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   Chapter 13 13. Engagement Rings

Baby Daddy Facade By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6094

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"Without love intelligence is dangerous; without intelligence love is not enough." ~ Another



What have i done?

You slept with your baby daddy.

I couldn't process my thoughts through out the day. It had been a busy day but my mind kept rushing back to my mind. Derrick was currently released on bail which really brought a smile on my face. Grayson didn't seem pleased with the fact that his father was out on bail.

"Honestly i dont mind if he stays in jail longer ?" Grayson muttered. He had these cute dimples with gray eyes that could lure anyone into captivity. His hair in a smart quiff.

"Why's that ?" I asked sipping on my cup of coffee since i didnt even get to have breakfast.

Duh because Angelo satisfied you.

"It's complicated and besides you wouldn't understand." He frown, which was really cute.

"I'm a lawyer i have listened to the worst confessions, might as well call me a priest. Gray, I'm sure i can handle what you have to say."

We were sitting on the benches at California federal Prison waiting for his temporary release. I really assumed Grayson would be happy his father is out but he wasn't the list happy about the news.

"Well if i tell you dont freak out too much." He raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, pinky promise." I mustered a devious smile.

"Come on Raina, dont treat me like Ashton and Ashley."

We both laughed, oh how i missed my babies.

And their father.

I hated having thoughts like this, theses thoughts about him and i. It was wrong and it will never happen again, i promised myself.

"Okay tell me, I'm all ears." I gestured.

He looked at me for a moment, i wondered if he would say something that could help me with Derrick's case.

I gave him a reassuring smile.


What what what ?! I was shocked but stil

uld look so cute in a dress and Ashton in a small cute tux." That's all i could come up with.

"Are you okay with it ?" She asked with concern.

"I'm okay with it, if you told me this some months ago maybe i would be hurt but i don't care anymore." I pauses trying to digest this. "Life goes on..."

He used me.

He has always used you.

He said that night

Was different.

And you believed him? He used you like a bachelor's party gift. Sex with a stranger before tying the knot very convenient.

I said my goodbye to Alma putting on that fa?ade around her was quite hard. I went to check on my babies and they were asleep they made this, everything worth it.

I went to my room, i didn't even realise tears were streaming down my cheeks. I laid there but my bed sheets smelt like him. In a swift drift i pulled the covers off as well as the duvet, i couldn't stand his cologne on my bed. For a moment i just sat on the carpeted floor with the sheets in my hand crying silently. I felt like a failure, a fool, meeting Angelo was thr worst thing that could ever have happened to me and falling inlove with him was the death of every single happy chapter i was ever bound to have.

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