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   Chapter 12 12. Intoxicated

Baby Daddy Facade By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5429

Updated: 2018-05-15 12:11

"Love is like the measles we all have to go through it." ~ Jerome Klapka Jerome


"Why are you doing this Angelo ?" my sister Alma hissed at me.

"Doing what ?" I acted innocent.

"You know what am saying you idiot !" I rolled my eyes running my hands through my hair.

"You have broken her heart too many times before without even realising it sometimes because you have never cared. You ruined her once please don't ruin her again." Alma genuinely said.

"Your point is ?" I grabbed her cup of coffee and drank from it then gave her back. Not my type of coffee.

"Stop Angelo just stop with your games, stop leading her on." She spat.

"What ?!? Fuck no she is the one leading me on." I exclaimed.

"Oh right I believe you." She crossed her arms with a sly grin of mocking across her face.

"Why do you always act like she is the victim..." I said frustrated.

"Because she is. Wasn't it three months ago when you told her off, now you are climbing out of her bed. Stop taking advantage of her need to seek your approval."

"You are so convinced that she is still in love with me but no she doesn't care about me, in fact he hates my guts.."

Its true, Raina hates me...I pretended like what she has been saying doesn't hit a nerve but it does every damn time.

"That doesn't matter, fact is you two are like toxic to each other. If you complicate your relationship and you have two beautiful kids will not only affect you but Ashton and Ashley too."

I was suddenly in deep thoughts, I'm confused I don't know what am doing or why am doing it. I'm just acting on gut feeling

g her gosh mom has to hear this..." She snickered.

"Don't you dare tell mom and secondly my sex life has nothing to do with you." I snapped.

"It does have everything to do with me because the girl you are toying with is my best friend."

"It's not like I forced her !"

"You are such a male whore, Angelo and you think this is right because you forget Yaya is still in the picture."

"Okay Alma you win don't you have things to do like go shopping for my little niece or nephew." Suddenly the atmosphere changed, fuck pregnant women and their mood swings.

"That's where I'm headed silly." She smiled holding her tummy that wasn't visible yet.

"Honestly I feel like a bouncing ball, how did Raina do this alone with twins-" she suddenly stopped.

"I'm sorry A."

"Its fine, it is my fault for not being there till they were born. I was an idiot to tell her to get an abortion."

Suddenly my favourite person walked in. Maya, her advises could be used in the white house.

"Morning Angelo." She hugged me.

"Alma..." She turned to my pregnant moody sister.

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