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   Chapter 8 8. Over three Months

Baby Daddy Facade By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 4853

Updated: 2018-05-15 12:07

"Only little boys and old man sneer at love." ~ Louis Auchinchloss


"How is Raina doing ?" My mother asked.

"Fine, I guess." I muttered under my breath.

"She never calls anymore you know and I have a fundraising at church she usually helps me bake the cupcakes. I guess not this year." My mom frowned.

"Yaya can always help, you know Raina only helped you to score points with me." I shrugged sitted on the balcony with my mother admiring the nice view. My parents couldn't have chosen a better mansion.

"She helped me because she grew up in a Christian home, its just in her to help and she knows what how to host these type of church fuctions."

"Yeah yeah no wonder she was a virgin." I mumbled.

"You ruined her Angelo, would it have killed you to keep it in your pants." My mom glanced at me.

"Does that mean you didn't want any grandchildren ?" I smirked.

"No I love the twins they are everything to me."

"I just think if you hadn't came in her life and ruined it all. Today she would be married to Someone who loves her but nope she just had to fall for someone who treats her like sex thing...I raised you to be a gentleman Angelo !."

"Yeah right." I looked at the beautiful sunset.

"What is that suppose to mean ?"

"She made a schedule which is perfectly planed for the purpose that her and I never have to meet."

"Isn't that great !" She said amusedly.

"You get to hate her and never see her b

remembered my mom was still talking to Raina.

"How about I bake the cupcakes then Maya will give Angelo when he comes by ?" Raina suggested over the phone.

"Just come over." My mom persuaded.

"I can't. I really don't want Angelo to hate more than he already does."

She thinks I hate her.

"He doesn't hate you dear."

"Oh, Martha trust me if I was in His shoes I would hate me too."

"Why dear ?"

"I don't know I guess I'm just an epic fail at everything I do maybe I should have married the Bishop who proposed to me but instead I came to Los Angeles and went back to Ohio Pregnant."

What ?! Someone once proposed to her. Shocking... She would have made a beautifully remarkable preachers wife.

"Raina but that man was too old for you dear and everyone makes mistakes."

"Honestly I don't think anyone was meant to love me."

I really ruined her.

"Raina any man would want you."

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