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   Chapter 6 6. Spoon Feeding

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"Love, I find is like singing. Everyone can do enough to satisfy themselves though it may not impress the neighbours as being very much." ~ Zora Neale Hurtson

It was finally the day of the dinner, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Well I had been to many dinners and lunches with the Le roux family but this particular one was different because Angelo would be having his girl friend Yasmine there.

I parked in the spacious parking that I have gotten used to and familiar with, even the Security of the Le roux's doesn't even question me anymore when ever I come around.

"Ashton, Ashley...babies wake up we are at your Grandparents house." I whispered waking them up gently. They looked so peaceful as they both squinted their beautiful eyes looking at our surroundings.

I opened the drivers door as soon as I was out I opened the passenger door at the back.

"I can't wait to eat granny's blueberry pie." Ashton muttered stepping out of my Silver Land Rover. I don't know I guess I always had a thing for big cars.

"All you do is eat Ashton. Grandpa said you will be fat." Ashley replied a glint of innocence written on their faces as they argued which I got used to because it happened on a daily basis.

In about twenty minutes later we were all sat in the dining room. Alma with her husband Kennedy, who worked at his father's real estate company but it was soon to be his anyways besides that Kennedy Michaelson is a nice and kind young man and a great husband sometimes I find myself envying my own close friend Alma Le roux. She might have shared the same womb with Angelo but they are nothing like each other. On the other side Martha and Robert Le roux were s


Good lord Raina you can't cry in front of them.

"Raina-" Martha stood up trying to stop me but Angelo was right, its time I moved on.

"Its okay Martha, thank you for the wonderful supper. I hope it won't be too much trouble if I left the twins....I just need to be alone." I swallowed the last words, I have to go before I cry.

"Its okay honey." Martha hugged me.

"Go rest Raina, the twins will be fine." Richard stood up to hug me as well as Kennedy and Alma.

"Stop spoon feeding her for God's sake she is a grown woman." Angelo spat bitterly.

As soon as I realized my body had betrayed me my eyes were flowing with tears I quickly pulled back.

"I have to go...thanks again." I muttered before walking out the door.

I think I heard Yaya say something between the lines.

"Well done babe, you really put her in her place."

I shuddered at the thought that it was her idea or rather their idea.

This is the last time I will cry for a man especially Not Angelo!

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