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   Chapter 5 5. Just a Phase

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" You may regret your silence once, but you will regret your words often." ~Ian Gabirol


"My babies, I missed you already..." I hugged the energetic twins as they both ran in my arms. They make everything worth it, even having to deal with their father and his bullshit, they make it all worth it.

After the long hug, I stood up straight to acknowledge the man standing in front of me, looking devilishly handsome just like the first time we met, its like he gets younger by the day.

"Maya already prepared your breakfast so go say hi to aunty Maya." I said to Ashton and Ashley and at the sound of Maya they scurried off, they loved her a lot sometimes I'd even became jealous but I love Maya too she is truly amazing.

"Morning Raina." Angelo greeted and I couldn't help but feel affected by the way he talks to me, it sends thrills all over my body, I hate it...

"Morning..." I replied at the awkward scene which I did not want to endure any longer.

"So how was your dinner ?" I decided to ask sincerely. If she makes him happy then why should I be step mother in this Cinderella story.

Because you love him.

No I don't.

Yes you do.

Shut up, I'm getting over him. I debated with my mocking conscience.

"It was wonderful, thanks for asking." He paused playing with his car keys.

"My mom said you should give her a call." He cleared his throat.

Angelo's mother was always so nice to me, she is like a second mother honestly.

"I will." I smiled. Things have just been awkward between us since that phone call or rather since he got a girl friend.

"Well let me get going." He concluded heading out the door.

"Bye." I muttered when the door closed.


The day was spent with myself and my two angels watching movies well rather cartoons and lazily talking about most of their encounters of the week.

"So what did you do at granny's house ?" I genuinely asked.

"We baked cookies but Ashton didn't bake, he only wanted to eat." Ashley sticked out her tongue at Ashton who simply shrugged before saying "Baking is for girls."

"But its fun." I tried reasoning.

"Sometimes..." Ashton deadpanned while playing video games which he practically played everyday any chance he got but that would have to change because they would be starting first grade soon.

Sometimes I saw more of Angelo in Ashton than myself, the way is realistic about everything and never fails to act mature l

ike when Ashton told Ashley that Santa doesn't exist...I mean how does a five year old come to that conclusion honestly I had a feeling Angelo was behind it maybe he told my baby all that crushing his imagination almost immediately.

Well Ashley is like me, she has a hard time making friends unlike Ashton and she is so observant about other people's feelings like when she asked me if I loved her daddy, I lied and said no but they both know that this is how things will always be between mommy and daddy.

Leaving twins to do whatever they were occupied with I decided to call Angelo's mother.

"Hi Martha." She always interjected that I call her Martha than Mrs. Le roux.

"Oh goodness is this Rain." She said in awe.

"Yes, I was just checking up on you." I smiled sitting next to the island in the kitchen.

"Are you okay dear ?" She suddenly asked sensing sadness in my voice which I'm trying so hard to hide.

"I'm fine, how are you ?" I strayed.

"I'm fine Raina after spending the day with my two favourite grandchildren, I couldn't be more happy."

"They always love to visit you."

"You should come to dinner tomorrow, just Alma and her husband, you and the twins as well as Angelo and Yaya." My heart stopped at the last mention.

"I would love to but I wouldn't want to intrude, I'm sure I can just drop off the twins."

"Don't be Silly, Raina you are part of the family you wouldn't be a intruder."

"I will see if I can make it."

"Of cause you can, I haven't seen you in a while it would be great just to catch up....Richard and I will not take no for an answer."

"Okay fine." I said after thinking about all the excuses in the book to come up with.

"I can't wait dear." She said excitedly.

"Same here." I lied.

How awkward will it be with Yaya there!

"Don't worry yourself about Yaya, this is just a phase my son is going through, he will soon realise you are the one for him." She convinced.

"I hope so." I said biting my bottom lip.

"You know, a mother always knows what's best for their children and Angelo belongs with you."

"But let's not jump into conclusions." I supervened a grin sprawled across my face. Any girl would be very lucky if their mother in law or so spoke to them like that.

"I have to go dear. Take care." She said.

"Okay Martha see you soon." I smiled before hanging up.

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