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   Chapter 3 3. Strumpet

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"No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves." - Ed Howe


Present time.

"Mommy, Ashton removed the powerpuff girls." Ashley snuffles into my office with her blonde hair up to her shoulders and blue eyes staring sadly at my own brown eyes.

"Baby go tell him to put it back okay ?" I smile and she nods going back to the lounge as I turn back to my lap top trying to crack this case of my client Derrick Collins charged with homicide.

"Mom, Ashley removed teen titans." Ashton stormed into my office for five years old, these dumplings are quite voluble. His blonde quiff messier than ever and his green eyes looking at mine for attention.

"Anyways its time for bed... so no one will be watching any cartoons." I stand up leading both of their grumpy faces to their rooms. Once they are both asleep, I heard back to my office. The past four years haven't been easy but Angelo and I managed to give our babies whatever they needed and they absolutely understand that mommy and daddy are not together so every weekend they spend time with their father then I have them for a full week well only in the evening because they go to kindergarten through out the day otherwise everything is perfect.

Deciding that it is late and I should get some sleep, I head to my bedroom suddenly Angelo calls and I'm forced to answer.

"Hey..." I vaguely greet through the receiver..

"Hey Raina, just wanted to remind you that tomorrow I will be taking the twins out." He says enthusiastically, he loves the twins, you could tell from a mile away.

"Uhm okay." I say with a yawn, its midnight I need to sleep.

"They will be meeting my girl friend, Yaya." He gabbles.

"What ?!?" I say vociferously.

"She isn't replacing you Raina, you will always be their mother."

"I can't believe you right now." I frown at the thought of them playing happy family with this Yaya.

"I'm sorry but at least now you know."

"Wow like that actually makes things any better." I say sarcastically.

"It does because I don't want you to get any hopes up."

"What do you mean ?" I frown.

"I know you are inlo-" I cut him off.

"Actually I'm happy for you Angelo at least you will stop being a male hoe now and get settled down." I gush out before hanging up.

Asshole. I think to myself before sleeping. Hopefully my babies don't get introduced

to a strumpet (prostitute). Yaya is a stupid name.

* * *

Woke up early and got ready for work wearing my black pencil skirt and white blouse tucked in, as well as my black heels then added light make up and tying my hair into a bun, I was ready to run the day.

"Morning Miss Raina." Maya greeted me in the most sincere way.

"Morning Maya." I smiled walking into the kitchen sitting on the island. Maya is in her late forties, she occasionally takes care of the twins when I'm busy or when Angelo is busy. She is very nice and friendly and her advises are always the best.

"So Angelo will be picking up the twins later on..." I frown.

"Oh, Raina why do you seem unhappy ?" She says wiping the island with a white cloth, she doesn't have to but she just loves tiding up. She is like my second mother here in Los Angeles.

"He's introducing them to his girlfriend." I muttered.

"That's wonderful is it not? " she gushed.

"I guess." I shrugged.

"You always wanted him to stop being a play boy so he could be a good example to his kids." She convinced.

"Yes but now that's its finally happening I don't know how to feel about it."

"I understand but just be happy he is changing for them." She assured me with a smile.

"Well you are right, thank you Maya." I hugged her." Let me get going, Derrick Collins is not going to be happy about the news I have for him." I stood up grabbing my laptop bag and car keys from the counter.

"He deserves what ever news that's are coming for him, Raina don't forget he is a murderer." Maya spat.

"Everyone is innocent till proven guilty." I flounced out of the kitchen heading out before Maya continues arguing.

"Bye Maya." I yelled as I went inside the elevator that went down to the basement.

Maybe Maya is right, Angelo has been wild and unsettled...the media knows him for all the wrong things but at least he is making the effort to change maybe just maybe this woman is exactly what he needs to become a better person.

You couldn't do that.

Maybe I wasn't the person for him, my feelings never faded he was my first love and I don't think its easy to try and move on from that even though he reminds me all the time that there will never be a us. I always assumed the twins would bring us together but not really.

Its time I moved on.

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