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   Chapter 2 2. Flashback

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"One of the many theories is that men love with their eyes; women love with their ears." - Zsar Zsar Gabor


I was pregnant with twins, well why was I surprised it was something that was normal in the Le roux family. Angelo himself had a twin sister Alma Le roux, a very nice outgoing woman she became a good friend as time went by.


"Angelo I can't, not today." I panted as Angelo unbuttoned my blouse while kissing my neck, it felt so good but I needed to get something off my chest had been two months already and I couldn't hide it anymore.

"Come on, Raina." He continued kissing me all along these two months I avoided him telling him things like it was that time of the month or any excuse possible.

"Angelo I'm pregnant." I blurted out and he immediately stopped and my heart hammered against my chest for his reaction. He walked back and forth around my office frustrated he racked through his black hair and I started crying while buttoning my blouse. Damn these hormones.

"We always use protection !!" He said more as a way of convincing himself.

"Yes, but we didn't have them so you said you would pull out." I sobbed hiccuping on my words.

"How long are you ?" He strayed from the conversation.

" 6 weeks." I said stropping.

"You can remove it." He said coldly and I gasped.

"I can't." I said sniveling.

"Raina, listen to me... You will remove that thing because I don't want it." I cried even more standing in my corner and he was sublime about the whole situation.

"Don't worry I will pay for it." He said in a low voice.

"But Angelo, I love you and we could be together and we won't have to abort our baby." I sobbed my eyes becoming red.

"Raina, listen it's not Ours that's your responsibility and secondly I'm sorry I can't return those feelings...we fucked that's all there was to it." He spurt coldly and my heart broke it a million pieces making me cry even more when he left banging my office door.

*End of Flashback*

As expected Angelo didn't want the baby, so I asked Mr. Richard for a leave from work...concerned he asked what was wrong but I lied through my teeth Angelo was already mad as it is but one thing I knew was I wasn't going to kill my babies, So I left Los Angeles and went back to Ohio to be with my family. I was broken and all I wanted was to be with my family. I surly explained to my parents the whole ideal, my father Marco Williams a pastor in our small town was disappointed but being raised as a preachers kid, I knew abortion was not an option. My parents promi

sed to help me whenever I needed help. For the rest of the nine months, I went out every Sunday for my father's church service as expected but the other days I would be crying my eyes out while watching Love Rosie over and over gain with a bucket of ice cream then I thought you know what maybe I can do this without him.

In those nine months Angelo only contacted me to ask if I removed it, his exact words and I replied with yes and with that I never heard from him again.

Twenty second of September, twenty eleven, my two beautiful Angels were born. The most beautiful beings, on this living earth. My mom, Sarah Williams was there with me in the delivery room while I almost broke her knuckles. My father was outside praying in the hospital passages with my little brother Karl Williams playing video games.

My second day in hospital, I decided to name them Ashley and Ashton suddenly the person I thought I would never see again walked in and my heart froze. How did he know?

"Raina, I called him we both know you can't do this alone." My mom wheedled.

"Mom he doesn't want them." I said my eyes becoming blurry.

"Raina, I'm sorry." He said standing on the side of my hospital bed then Richard and his wife Martha Le roux walked in with flowers and teddy bears.

"Oh my Raina they are so cute." Alma, Angelo's twin sister squirmed looking the twins who were peacefully asleep.

"Raina thank you for not having an abortion, you know you are like a daughter to Martha and i ..

Why didn't you tell us ?" Richard genuinely said.

After that everything was settled Angelo said he would take responsibility, we would be going back to Los Angeles.

If it wasn't for my parent's calling Angelo, things would be a lot complicated. I forgave Angelo but even in my pain of after giving birth he still reminded me that there absolutely nothing between us... and that hurt because I loved him.

After a year, I went back to the gym, back to work, moved out of Angelo's place into my own modern apartment with four bedrooms, huge kitchen, lounge, two bathrooms and a balcony with the most beautiful view. I basically got my life back on track and no one would even think I gave birth a year ago because my body was on fleek.

I went back to taking clients as a criminal lawyer, it was hard being a full time mom to twins and working on my cases of cause Angelo would help out and his parents too. I was grateful.


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