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   Chapter 99 93. Epilogue

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It has been quite the month of blessings. On my part for being given yet another opportunity to converse with probably my favorite family in Hollywood. A blessing on their part for safely bringing two Angels into this world. Speaking of Angel's, Heaven and Nevaeh Levetté are their given names. Yes, Nevaeh is Heaven backwards. Pronounced neh-veh-ah bet you weren't expecting that one now were you? We took to Wikipedia to get a more profound meaning—

"An erroneous belief is that the name has an Irish origin, a variation of the name Niamh, which is still common in Ireland today; however, Nevaeh was recently coined and American. First off, the name Nevaeh doesn't have any meaning besides Heaven, so anyone saying it means Hell because it's Heaven spelled backwards is incorrect."

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to snap any images of Heaven and Nevaeh but you can already tell that they will look like they were sun-kissed by God himself. "I came up with Heaven and Andre was like Nevaeh! It sounded like a great idea. They're identical twins so we didn't want to give them similar names as well." Adela had commented in regards to the name.

"They're perfect, so tiny and pure. I'm a blessed man." Andre added. We could tell that he was truly happy.

"I called Nevaeh, Heaven.. but mommy dresses them in different colors now so we don't get confused. They look like dolls and it's weird when they smile without teeth."

"I can't play or pick them up yet. Mommy says they're still too fragol." Leondre meant fragile ofcourse, he is adorable.

"They're just so perfect. This is a new chapter for us all." Jeanine acknowledged.

"I'm just happy my daughter didn't die.. from this. Otherwise I would have killed the man who caused it. I was very scared for my daughter." Garreth admitted.

"I still don't know how I feel about the names but it's their kids after all." Adela's mother confessed.

"I love my sister's names! Mommy said they're unique. Lyle is also a weird name." Leo was quick to defend. We could already tell that he would make a good brother. Well I suppose this makes it the end of this rollercoaster. Hoping for a brighter future and less sad stops. Fate owes them that much after all they have endured.

Molly Hallman, People's gossip column.

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Leondre Levetté. Now thirteen and off to high school. His parents couldn't be anymore proud. He is still respectful and sweet even with the changing of his voice. Heaven and Nevaeh seemed sad that their brother would be goin

m sorry.." Spencer said softly. "I miss my bestfriend, I know how important this must be to you and I wouldn't miss your wedding."

"I'm sorry too." Ignacio replied. Luc squeezed his hand telling him he was strong and he could do it. "It was all my fault." With that Luc moved away allowing Spencer and Luc to hug. Spencer hugged Luc as well congratulating them.

"This is my wife Anna." He added, his date gave them a warm smile. She had beautiful melanin brown skin and a Colgate white smile. No one had expected Spencer to be married above all he felt he owed Adela an apology.

Della had forgiven Spencer but she still felt uncomfortable around him. He managed to apologize without, Andre punching his face in. Garreth hugged Spencer, he was so emotional he almost cried. "Thirteen years Spencer!! I was worried sick!" Garreth said embracing him again. "I'm sorry." He replied overwhelmed. He had not expected anyone to miss him or to even want him around but he was wrong.

Everyone made mistakes, it wasn't the mistakes that we should dwell upon but how the person works towards making those changes to correct those mistakes. No one is perfect but if they are they would be allowed to judge others. Like Mahatma Gandhi once said—

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

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